Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Days Into the New Year

Today all 24 of us ( us and our friends) went to church. The kids went to Sunday school classes, us four adults sat in on the service. Afterwards we came home for lunch and then our friends left for their long journey home. It didn't take long for one of my girls to remark how quiet it was now that they were gone! Can you imagine that? 15 kids considered to be too quiet? Hmmm.

Now we find out that our friends are stuck in a hotel room because the highway is closed due to snow! Hopefully it will clear up in the morning so they can get home.

It has been record cold here where we live or so I have been told. The wind breathes cold straight into the core of your bones-- I wonder if it is this cold in Ukraine?

I spent the last hour or so planning out the next few days of curriculum for not three but eight kids! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. And yet I feel like this is the right thing for them, for our relationship, for our family.

I better get to bed now-- everyone resumes school starting at the crack of dawn! Since we have been going to bed rather late these last two weeks and waking up late it should be an interesting morning around here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And the New Year Has Began!

This is me with my dear friend Claudette. It has been wonderful having her and her whole family here for the week!

Here are the four of us out to dinner for John and my 17th wedding anniversary. The food and fellowship was out of this world! My husband is pretty spectacular too.

We stayed home and partied for New Year's Eve.
We had finger food galore! Claudette and I also made a huge cauldron of borscht.

I thought it was sweet watching Andrew tear up little pieces of bread for the baby.
Nothing like hot berries over vanilla ice-cream for dessert. It is the best!

To bring in the New Year we bought little champagne glasses to pour sparkling cider and grape juice in.

Of course the kids loved it!
Anastasia wanted to make sure it wasn't real wine.

I was in a goofy mood. Blowing the party favors into their mouths was loads of fun.

Rachel and Nicole must have seen this in a movie.

Gotta love Anna's bright colored nails. You should see her toes!

Brian got this picture of me dancing around the kitchen island. I was sure other kids would follow, but they didn't.

Doesn't Paul look thrilled? Well he was!

Happy New Year everyone!