Friday, December 10, 2010

The Real Reeds

At the restaurant last night they had a big screen tv with cable. It wasn't until I saw my kids' eyes glued to a Hannah Montana episode that I realized how much more time we have by not subscribing to cable anymore. Instead, we play more games, watch old movies, read, color, draw, or make snowflakes.

One thing that I have noticed with homeschooling is how I look at things as an opportunity to learn-- and I do way more crafts with the kids.

Not only did we cut out these snowflakes, but I did a whole lesson on snowflakes with my home schoolers. They learned that they are six sided and need a speck of dust to form around. Pretty cool that even Adam didn't know about the speck of dust.
Julia has been working with Andrew as his piano teacher since we have yet to find a music school around here that we like.
Check Spelling
Dennis and Alex have enjoyed playing with the Christmas decorations that I set out on the floor. Who knew that a cookie jar and a few candle sticks would provide hours of entertainment?

I can't believe what a difference having a big kitchen has made. Now that we have more room, more kids can be in there at once and before I know it I have lots of helpers.

I was so excited to buy these cups. You can never have too many.

A few of the kids made these plates when they were in kindergarten. Since we are not at the same school that does this tradition as part of the curriculum and many of my kids came home past the kindergarten age, I thought it was time that we make some new ones!

If you click on the picture you will smile at what you see. Sveta was copying some ideas from one of our old plates and used the same date.
Personally, I think I am raising a bunch of artists!
Here are my home schoolers. They all love to drink ice water. I tease them by asking if I could join the Ice Water Drinkers Club.

Today we went on a long walk. We saw lots of rosemary and I wasn't sure what it was-- either rosemary or sage. Anna went home and researched them both and told me that it was indeed rosemary. See-- always a learning a moment to be had.
How nice huh.
Now onto a story that shows my gross sense of humor.
While I was making lunch I also found a bottle of Milk of Magnesia in our fridge that boasted-- cramp free. Funny how I remember taking that stuff 10 years ago and having the worst cramps. So I asked the girls if they wanted to do a science experiment. I asked them if they wanted to test the product to find out if it was indeed a new "cramp free" formula or if I was right. LOL-- not very ladylike of me I know. Thankfully they both passed.


  1. I love the snowflakes. My mom was the same way when homeschooling me & my brothers- anything could be an opportunity to learn. :)

  2. You are such a fun Mommy and teacher. I always love seeing what goes on in your busy, happy home.

    Last night we had a rousing family game of Duck, Duck, Goose in the living room per the request of the youngest child. Yea, many benefits to turning towards one another instead of the TV for entertainment.

  3. Pretty snowflakes.

    I'd die w/o cable as I watch the Hallmark movie channel so much while on the computer, in the kitchen, knitting, etc.

  4. LOL@ M-O-M prank. Right up there with looking for a can of elbow grease, striped paint, nail holes, and a left-handed hammer. Too funny.

  5. Love the snowflakes.

    So what exactly DID they pass? :P

  6. Oh us Reed's are so alike. We have snowflakes hanging on our slider as well. And we have one of those plates that Lauren made years ago and still loves. So because of your post I am $140 in debt as I just ordered them for all the kids. Lauren can make an updated one! She will love it even at 15!!

  7. We LOVE homeschooling.

    I have chosen to only have "sit down school" two or three times a week, realizing that I can teach my children so much throughout the day.

    We too did a lesson on snowflakes--before the craft!


  8. Christine,
    I don't know if you know about this website,
    National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts. If you click on Find a Member on the left side, you can search for schools. It's a good starting place when looking for a community music school. You might also look at if you would prefer a private teacher. I hope you find one soon. I know finding a piano teacher can be difficult!
    Julie in Oklahoma (piano teacher)

  9. Hi I have made the snowflakes and hung them all over the house, My children had the most fun using glitter and glitter glue,We also bought snow in a can and would spray it on the snowflakes.It snowed here this past weekend and my children had fun comparing their snowflakes to the real ice snowflake on the outside of the window.Pat

  10. Cutie Pie! Wrong year but hey she reads and writes all by herself. Go Sveta GO!


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