Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a Merry Merry Christmas!

Berry compote, what a wonderful Christmas beverage. And still it brings back so many memories for my girls when they were back in the orphanage. Only difference is Anna misses the occasional nut (apricot pit) she would find in the bottom of her cup that she would hide in her pocket and chew on way past her bedtime. It was one of the few things that she looked forward to when she was living in the dietski dom. Five years ago and she still remembers.

The kids all take turns doing the dishes-- Galina is no exception.

Julia got a cute present from her friends up north. All made from potatoes of course!
Can you guess where we went for Rachel's birthday?

We went roller skating! When we weren't taking Alex and Dennis around the rink in a stroller we were giving them high fives every time we went around.

What a small world. Karyn from blogland came over and introduced herself. It is always nice meeting people in real life!
Even John enjoyed roller skating with the birthday girl!

After skating we were going to go out for pizza but we decided on Denny's instead. So glad we did-- the waitress was phenomenal! First time we had sodas coming without even asking.

The lighting in our new home isn't very good in the bedrooms so when I saw this lamp I immediately thought of Rachel who loves to read and write in her room.

Since we were so full from dinner we did a birthday breakfast where she blew out her candle in a cinnamon roll! Notice the huge cup of compote-- second time making it in a week.

Happy birthday Rachel! We can hardly believe you are 15 years old! Please stop growing up so darn fast!

For Christmas my Mom baked tons of cookies with Julia and Sveta.

When I saw Andrew sitting on Adam's lap I couldn't resist taking a picture. Another "Make Mommy Cry" moment.
2nd "Make Mommy Cry" moment in two days. Dennis is such an imaginative little boy. When I asked him why his cars were in my slippers he said they were parked in the garage.

Anastasia and Jonny with Baboonya on Christmas morning!

The kids loved all the candy they got for Christmas!

Before opening their one gift bag we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Galina's family had sent gifts down for her to open Christmas morning.

After opening presents we surprised the kids with a big trampoline! It was disappointing to have to tell the kids that FedEx messed up by only delivering one of the two boxes. The other box comes on Monday-- only two more days kids!

Jonny got "Guess What I am".

Doesn't Caleb look thrilled to be playing?

Anna was a cute little hippo.
Adam was a such a good sport!

Our first Christmas with Anastasia and Paul was wonderful. It is hard to believe that they are our oldest children to be adopted who also happened to spend nearly all of their lives in the orphanage and yet they have transitioned into our family so gracefully!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see what the New Year is going to bring!
P.S. Connie did not make it. We are sad but are also thankful that we got to spend those few days with her.


  1. What did the vet say when you took Connie? I am saddened to hear that she died.

  2. Yes, what did the vet say? I'm just sick hearing this news. Very sorry.

  3. I love the skating pictures! It looked like everyone had such a great time.

    My daughter had a similar lamp last year. She had a lightbulb that was too hot, and it melted one of the plastic light covers off almost completely! I'm amazed our old house didn't catch fire.

    Anyways, please make sure you only put in the lights it tells on the packaging!

  4. I am sorry to hear about Connie! However, it looks as though your Christmas was blessed beyond measure! Beautiful children with a great Momma and Daddy. Love your blog Christine.

  5. Sorry about Connie......

    Loved your photos though....Merry Christmas!!

  6. Merry Christmas!!! And Happy Birthday to Julia!!

    Sorry to hear about Connie, it is so hard to lose a pet.

  7. I was thinking as I read your post how great (happy, comfortable, just at peace I guess) Anastacia looks compared to some of the happy but not quite settled pictures from when she first came home. It's nice to see and hear!

  8. What a great Christmas! Love the photo of Caleb. Your older kids always are so good about having their photos taken, and always seem so positive! It is good to know they can sometimes be as less-than-enthusiastic as mine!

  9. Wonderful pictures. The game pictures are priceless! I too have a teenage son who would give me the same faces, though do it with his siblings!

  10. Merry Christmas. Anastasia looks very happy :)
    Sorry to hear about Connie :((((((

  11. Merry Christmas Christine! So wonderful to see all the kids happy faces!

  12. Great Christmas pics!
    Sorry to hear about your puppy, so sad. Did the vet say what it was that killed her?

  13. I love seeing your photos of Anastasia and Paul and the sweetness in their faces. Am working hard on persuading my hubbie to adopt a Reeces Rainbow cutie, in the meantime we are sponsoring little Ivan, and working hard at raising money for his grant.
    Do you have any theories as to why Anastasia and Paul settled so well, as I know from reading your blog that disruption can be a big issue with adopting from EE?

  14. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

    Sorry about your puppy. :(

  15. Merry Christmas to you, too!!
    May God bless you.

  16. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It looks like you had a great Christmas!

  17. We called the vet three different times. They did not sound hopeful. We called our friends who raise lots of animals and they also said it did not sound hopeful. They were right. :(

  18. Sorry to hear about your puppy! So glad, however, to hear that Anastasia and Paul are doing so well! What a blessing.

    I can't help buy wonder how Nichole and Nathaniel did this Christmas season in their new home. This is off topic but they've been in my prayers since their disruption. Are you in touch with their new family at all?

  19. I am sorry to hear about Connie--How is Sveta doing with the loss of the puppy? Give her an extra hug!

  20. It was so great to meet you and your sweet family after praying for you for several years. Let's plan a playdate now that I know you live so close. I would love to discuss adoption with you and Grace would love to meet her "cousins". We aren't at a point of adopting right now but I am hoping in a few years my hubby might be persuaded.......


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