Thursday, December 16, 2010

It Went Well!

The day turned around quickly. After meeting with our home school teacher and principal yesterday to review what I have been working on with the kids, I got permission to slow down-- and so I did. I guess working a solid six hours with the kids each day not including lunch or physical education was burning the kids out--- me too. Not enough spur of the moment fun like I planned but never had enough time to fit in. So today we did a little bit less work and made some cinnamon popcorn in the afternoon.

I went to Alex's IEP meeting to discuss the results of his full evaluation. Let me start out by saying-- I love the team. His scores were quite low indicating cognitive delays that would classify him as having an intellectual disability but rather than label him that at this premature point in time they merely noted it as a reference to help him qualify for other services like at regional center if I choose to pursue them. He qualifies under orthopedic, and speech/language impairment at this time. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of services they had to offer him including adaptive P.E. once a week, speech twice a week, occupational therapy once a week, and ESY (extended school year). He is thriving in his SDC kinder/1st grade combo class and his teacher is spectacular at meeting his needs by doing whatever modifications are necessary. We all agree that Alex has attention issues and every little move, noise, light, and color is a distraction. His teacher has already began toning down the classroom of excess stimuli and the class will begin working using headphones to see if listening to music might help drown out some of those other distracting sounds. I am so excited for Alex!

Tonight our whole family went to Annalyn and Julia's music school performance which was very nice. Annalyn played her clarinet and Julia played the piano and the xylophone. They both did an awesome job! Half way through the performance Anastasia laid her head on my shoulder and leaned in to me. I leaned back--- and it was such a good feeling. I am her Mom. She is my daughter. No doubt in either of our minds.

This weekend we are heading up north to visit our old, old hometown. :) Nah-- it is not that old.

It will be nice to celebrate Christmas early. The kids are ecstatic to visit Grandma and Grandpa! My Mom is going to join us too! Some of the kids are going to visit friends, and we are meeting with our small group because they invited us and we miss them! We will also be bringing back a house guest.

What an exciting weekend it will be!


  1. A house guest?!

    Oh I hope this is the Ukraine news you refered to a long while back!!

  2. Very good that you are so pleased with the services.

    Have a great weekend with family and friends up North.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! As a homeschooling mommy...sometimes I get wrapped up in- but it isn't enough too. BUT if you can balance it out- it is sooo much more fun. AND your kids learn MORE. Whew....

    What a cherished moment with Anastasia!!! :)

  4. Yippee! Have a great visit! You are doing a great job!

  5. It's nice you moved to such a good school district. But my favorite part of this post was Anastasia lying her head on your shoulder. What a blessing. I also liked reading about your encounter with Ben. What a good example for the kids....

  6. Hi It is nice for you to live in a school district that offers extensive support services to their students and the parents do not have to work really hard to get them. I have seen as the ecomonic is getting weaker and many school districts tax bases getting more limited it is harder for some school district to provide those extensive support services for special education students. You are truly blessed to live in your new school district- God does have a plan. Blessing, Pat.

  7. LOVE the Anastasia moment....: )

    And yay about everything else...BUt The Anastasia moment....what she must feel, what she must feel...: )


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