Saturday, December 18, 2010

It Was A Great Day

We have been having such a great time here! Last night Adam, Caleb, Anna, and William went out with me to visit some friends. We surprised one family with caroling on their porch-- it was so fun! We visited with our other friends until after 10 o'clock and it was still too short. This morning we opened gifts-- I could share the cutest story but I'll save it for later when I can post pictures, (and let me warn you now that there are a lot of them!) John went out to our other house to fertilize the lawns and took half of the kids. I went out to visit more friends with the other half. We stopped by and visited with Kristen and her family first. I just love her! Then we popped in at a couple of other people's homes to wish them a Merry Christmas too! It was amazing how fast 2 1/2 hours went by.

Back at Grandpa and Grandma's house we prepared for our Christmas dinner together. It feels like I hardly did anything except stuff my face all day-- but I blame it on the food-- it was so darn good! My father -in-law made the best prime rib I have ever had-- his combination of herbs, wine, and a light coat of barbecue sauce was to die for melt in your mouth goodness. And don't even get me started on my mother-in-laws homemade cornbread stuffing. Mom of course brought her famous chocolate pies. Cousin Matt and Jen came out too which was a nice surprise!

Tomorrow will be an interesting day. I had hinted in a previous post about us having a house guest. We will be picking her up tomorrow afternoon. The plan is for her to stay with us for a month or two. We will be providing respite for a 12 year old girl who I will refer to as "G". I am excited, nervous, and hopeful. Respite in the adoption community is when an adopted child goes to stay with another family to give the adoptive child's family a break. The reason for the family needing a break can vary from family to family. Respite is often a tool that helps avoid disrupting an adoption-- and that is the case here. Providing respite for a family may not be something that everyone is able to do but you can still participate by praying for the child, their adoptive family, and the respite family.

Can I ask a favor? Will you pray for "G", her family, and us?

After we pick her up we are going to our small group for a Christmas dinner and then we will be driving home. Thank goodness the kids do not have school on Monday!


  1. Enjoy your vacation. We don't get out until noon Tuesday except Jasmine who preops that day.

  2. Praying for G, her adoptive family and yours.

    I have been doing respite for a 17 yo (very immature, so more like 12) girl on and off for the past 2 mos. I usually keep her for 10 days and then when I take her back to our halfway point (we're about 4 hours apart) I leave my 17 yo dd (very similar in behaviors and interests) with her family for about the same amount of time. We'd like to go longer, but with all of the counseling and psychiatrist appt's that's about all we can do. It has been a nice break from all of the drama and when the other girl is here, my dd is better behaved as well. You are providing such a relief for these people!! I know how grateful I am for the brief breaks - we have never done this before and we've been parenting her for almost 16 years!!

  3. I'm sure you and your family are having a wonderful visit.

    How do your in-law's fit everyone at their house? The logistics would floor me.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend visit and have a safe drive back home.

  4. How wonderful to be able to stop back and visit friends and family. I can just picture the surprise caroling :)
    I will keep G, her family and yours in my prayers.

  5. I am sure you will enjoy having G in your lives as much as she enjoys her break with you. I wish all the best to her family as well.

    I have just seen a project that your crocheters and knitters will love. It is for the 2011 World Winter Special Olympics. Since 2007 many people around the world have been hand making scarves in official team colours for all entrants and volunteers. The details are here - it even includes free easy patterns.

    Maybe your boys might even have a go!

    Love Claire

  6. Glad you are having such a blessed time!

    Praying for G!

  7. I love that you are able to go "home" for Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas, in fact have a couple. :)

    Prayers for you and "G" too.

  8. So sorry we missed you :) Sending hugs and praying for G and all of you.

  9. I'll pray for you and G. Christmas can be a hard time for some children. I often wonder how my "challenged" child would do in a big family like yours. I think kids with attachment issues often do better, because the attention is dissipated. Being the focus is hard for them.

    Good luck!

  10. Prayers for G, your family and hers.... Respite is wonderful. I now get respite for our daughter and I am so does prevent disruption and is a needed break to regain health, energy and JOY! Christmas Blessings.

  11. Praying for G and for You all.
    First Family Christmas for Anastasia and Paul. It's such a joy to watch Your family.
    Hugs ^_^


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