Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Horseback Riding

Other than getting really lost this morning and me saying not so nice things under my breath as I held back the tears (we were 1/2 hour late and I felt like I was failing the kids who were very much looking forward to this) we had a wonderful time learning about horses today.

Anna and Jonny worked with a pony named Pally.

Rachel's horse was named Sonny.

They learned to brush the horses, clean their hooves, and saddle up. We learned about shoe boils, chestnuts, and why the horses had shoes on the front but not on the back.

The even got to spend half an hour riding the horses.

They all had a wonderful time! We came home and took things one step further by researching what they learned so that each of them could write a paper on horses. Sveta of course really wants to ride a horse now too.


  1. It looks like a great day!I did not know horses only had shoes on the front. See - even an old duck like me learned something new today. What a shame Sveta can't go too. Maybe another time.

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. What a fun adventure! Glad they learned about care of horses, along with riding.

  3. hey, would you guys mind praying for me please? i'm scheduled to go to the hospital for my 3rd major brain surgery in 24 months on thursday morning. in 31.5 hours to be exact! we're all getting a bit nervous and more concerned than the previous two. my third Christmas in a row with a partially shaved head. :-P

    hope you guys have a great Christmas if i don't get to be out of the hospital & online before then!

    - michelle

  4. I grew up on horses. Very cool! If they need to get boots for the lessons I reccomend ebay. Got all the kids used ones there last year for great prices and they were like new. It is much safter than tennis shoes...but I'm sure you will learn all about that too!! :)

  5. What a great experience for them! lucky!

  6. So much fun! Looks like a great day out!

  7. Jessica and I signed up for four lessons but have only been able to work in one lesson so far.

  8. I had Autumn in theraputic horseback riding. I think Sveta would really benefit from it, even if it wasn't a theraputic program . . . horses are naturally theraputic :)

  9. Oh, how wonderful for them. Horses are very terapeutic, and they make wonderful friends too :-)The best reward I could get for good schoolwork when I grew up, was riding lessons. I loved it. Still I rather go to the stables than a spa :-)

  10. What a great day for the kids. I'm sure they will want to go weekly if not more than that.

    I always loved horses as a child and wanted one and told my father that it could live in our wood shed. My father asked the prime question and mucking out the stall. I told him I'd love a horse boarded at a stable. Neither happened.

    The last time I rode was with my SIL in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. I was some lame MIL after getting off the horse.

  11. Your blog fit right in with my horse blog list today. :)
    Not-surprisingly, I love this! :) If you lived closer they could all come ride my horse, haha. Rachel looks like a natural in the photo.

  12. Michelle, I said a prayer for you! Hope all goes well with the surgery and you're home for Christmas.


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