Monday, December 6, 2010

Dennis Starts Pre-School Here

Dennis is in speech twice a week for an hour each time. Today he began a preschool program that meets once a week. We visited last week and he cried because he couldn't stay. Today when it was time to stay, he cried-- go figure. The first little boy that walked in commented that Dennis looked scary. Mom was right there and ignored it. Nice. Thankfully one of the teachers stepped in-- at the end, I heard it went alright Still, my heart hurts as his mommy and I want to protect him so much-- but I now that I have to let him go.... at least for pre-school.

So how did it go, you might be asking.

Well I'll let Dennis tell you.

"So how was your day at pre-school Dennis?" I asked him as I was laying him down for his nap.

"Not good. Preschool is a bad boy!"

"So you don't like it?"

"No, I want to go old pre-school!"

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  1. Oh NO. Bless his little heart. Praying for a better day!

  2. Just wanted you to know I dreamed about you and your family last night. I dreamed God was going to send a blessing your way. Just thought i would let you know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers :)

  3. What's nice is that there are only a few weeks of school and then Xmas vacation so it's good for easing in for him. Hope the next day is better for him.

    I'm sure it must stab your heart when children react to Dennis. Sending warm hugs.

    Love your photo card.

  4. :( It truly brought tears to my eyes to read that the little boy's mom didn't say anything to him about his comment. It's up to parents to teach their children kindness. Seriously, even if you're totally mortified, how difficult is it to tell your own child, "That wasn't a very nice thing to say!" I don't even think it requires a big explanation immediately, that can be saved for home.

    Dennis's cute comment about preschool being a "bad boy!" reminds me of my cousin's feelings upon beginning kindergarten. We asked him if he'd had a good first day, and he said in a completely serious tone, "Yes, it was fun. Except there is this lady there who thinks she is the boss of EVERYONE!" :)

    I hope Dennis has a better time at preschool in the future. Sometimes a bad first experience makes it hard to go back, even for grown-ups.


  5. Awe- I hope he decides he likes it. It is so much easier sending them somewhere when they are happy and want to go!

    Love the pictures for your Christmas card.

  6. Hi I think attending a new school for anyone is a hard thing to do let alone a preschooler. It is hard going into any new environment -new classroom, meeting new teachers and therapists, making new friends and doing knew activities. It appears to me that Dennis was very comfotable in his old school. I am sure he will make new friends and do new and fun things and get just as comfortable in his new environment as he was in his last school . But these things may take time.Good luck, Pat

  7. Please keep taking him to school. Let the teachers and students fall in love with him too. They will. I am a teacher and have had special kids in all of my classes. They make my classroom complete and if you give it some time, the kids will all be playing and learning together not even noticing their differences. I always think it is the hardest on the parents. Too bad the Christmas Break is coming up because he will probably have to adjust again after the break. Hang in there, Dennis has so much love and personality to share with others.

  8. Oh, that is so hard to see your kids get hurt. Praying his preschool days get better

  9. Awe, poor little guy! He is too young to have to deal with such hurts without his mommy there to take care of him! I think you should homeschool him, but then I'm biased! ;) I'll be praying for him! Blessings to you!

  10. "Pre-school is a bad boy" It sounds really interesting.
    May Dennis refer the new pre-school to that "bad" (but hopefully just too young)boy, who commented him? Or does he mean other boys?
    I hope all the children are getting to know him very soon. Fortunatelly little children are also flexible.

  11. As someone with a clearly visible facial birth defect, I can assure you that, while this won't be the last time, your reaction and support will determine how he takes to it.

    The kids in the class will get used to him (and I know, they shouldn't have to "get used to him", but it is what it is), and learn to love him as he is.

    I'm willing to bet that the main reason he doesn't like it is because he knows how good he has it at home!


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