Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

Since the bundt cake was blueberry muffin mix I thought it was appropriate to add a blue flower to the middle of it. Julia made the cutest mini muffins with the left over batter.

My friend Beth came over to help me sew curtains. While our kids played we busted out four curtains-- I pinned and measured while she sewed. In a few hours we were done!
I think they look beautiful! Thank you Beth!

Paul got glasses a few months ago but since I thought the doctor had said they were for reading I put them away until Paul could read. A few days ago, we got a letter in the mail from the school nurse stating that his eyes needed to be checked. I researched what his vision test results meant, and I was able to ask him if he can see better with the glasses on now that he knows more English-- and he says that he definitely see better!

So now Paul wears his glasses all the time. Doesn't he look handsome?
On another note, today he got into trouble and even though I told him that he could get up from his bed, he was very quiet and weepy at lunch. I realized that he needed to be reaffirmed that I still love him and always will so I came up behind him while he was eating and gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek (actually five or six kisses) and told him I will forever love him. This seemed to bring real closure for him and I immediately saw him go back to his normal self.
Gosh, do I love this boy. He is beginning to blossom-- with words, with loving affection, with his language, with family life in general-- what a blessing he is!
This is Bobble. She is such a character!

Today John decided to take our four middle boys hiking to a spot on a hill that we can see from our house. Once they hiked there, John called me so that I could see all of them wave to us as we looked out our backyard. It was cool. Andrew declared it was the best day ever! Don't you love it when kids say that?

I think we have found our new church. We went again this morning and came back in the evening for fellowship and food and to ride one of the six firetrucks around different neighborhoods shouting Merry Christmas. The trucks would turn on their sirens and honk their horns as we turned onto a new street so that people would come out their homes to see the beautifully lit firetrucks.

When we came back, we warmed up by the fire and ate chili and drank hot chocolate. For most of the kids-- this was the funnest thing we could have possibly done on a Sunday evening. I would have to agree with them.


  1. I love the idea of the blueberry muffin cake. :) Glad you guys have found a church. And check out Bobble!

  2. so much fun!!!!!

    Have to tell you last night I dreamed I came to visit you and your lovely family and you had us for dinner!!! LOL so silly isnt it!

  3. Heheh I like Bobble, she looks very cool! :)

  4. What fun! I love Paul's new glasses, he does look handsome. I like the curtains too. :)

  5. Have to envy all your family has. I do think big families have more fun; I do! How I wish Craig would see it likewise!

  6. And - I want to know about the toaster!

  7. Dennis looks so easy-going among the grown-ups in the last picture:))). Sooo cute:)))

  8. I saw this and thought of you guys! :) Sorry if you've already seen it.

  9. Definitely looks like a great day! I love the firetrucks!

  10. Now don't those firetrucks remind you of a certain Electric Farm Equipment Parade that is held every year in town you used to live in? We went this year and it was great! Your new church sounds awesome! And I love that you have a hill right behind your backyard. I want to live there!

  11. Hi I think the fire trucks being decorated seemed so nice. I like driving my children around at night to look at different areas in the city and see all the different houses which are decorated for Christmas . I have noticed that this year the number of lights on some houses is reduced due to the cost of lighting the lights.Pat

  12. Gorgeous nite with the fire trucks!! Funny Paul story- we all do things like that with our kids- that will become a future family story about Paul and glasses!
    The hike is just the best!!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last pic of Dennis he looks like a little mini man with his hands in his pockets! I could just eat him up!!!


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