Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He is Still Hot

Dennis continues to run a fever. Though he tries to go about his day as normal as possible it is hard not to notice that he is just dragging along. As he begged for medicine at breakfast time, he pointed to his teeth and that is when I saw his swollen, inflamed, bloody gums. Poor poor baby.

I naturally freaked out. After 15 years of parenting, one would think I was past having that sort of reaction, but no. I got on the phone and tried to work out our new insurance which doesn't cover any local dentists around here-- so I began to rack my brain. Then I remembered that our old dentist made me promise to call her if Dennis had any problems-- even if our new insurance wouldn't cover the visit-- and even though she just had a baby a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord that she is going to see Dennis tomorrow!
For now, Motrin and sleeping with Mom will have to suffice.

Since it is getting dark much earlier than it used to, the kids now have to find things to keep themselves busy inside. The tv has not been on much so drawing has become the latest craze-- and I mean craze! Tonight William drew a picture of a boy named Binky.

I asked William if it was okay if I referred to him as Binky Boo.
William said it was okay.
P.S. Tomorrow is picture day. Sveta and Anastasia cleaned up the kitchen and made it look brand new! I spent a full hour on fractions with Rachel tonight and I am still not sure if she understands them. I am remaining hopeful that homeschooling her will give her plenty of individual attention to master those fractions! Adam began his online driving course, and John spent the day trenching for sprinklers.


  1. PLEASE have Dennis' labs done. Being where we are (in the Ronald McDonald House), and surrounded by who we are, I am concerned about the bleeding gums. He is probably fine, but it would be good to get his bloodwork checked.

  2. If I may make a suggestion on teaching fractions?

    My kids struggled with them until I broke out measuring cups and showed them that 1/4 is one fourth of a whole and that they needed FOUR 1/4 cups to equal one whole, that 1/8 was one eight of a whole & it took 8 parts to make a whole etc...

    When we started working with larger fractions, I printed out circles and divided them up into the appropriate number by folding them and cutting them.

    For example: 9/16 + 11/16 = 22/16
    I pointed out that since 16 = one whole, what was another way of writing that number? The answer would be 1 6/16.

    Once they had that concept down, I moved on to reducing the fractions via common denominator. 1-6/16 is reduced to 1-3/8 by showing the girls that 2 could be divided into both 6 AND 16.

    When my older daughter was confused about how 3/8 and 6/16 could be the same amount, we went back to the pie charts, printing out one with 16 sections and one with 8 sections. I had her color in the appropriate number of sections then hold them up to the light lined up to see that the colored in sections were the same.

    I usually double, triple & quadruple recipes when I cook because I like to freeze meals for later. When I did this, I'd call on my girls to come do the math for the recipes, asking them to write out the "new" recipe with the appropriate measurements for me.

    I also had my girls WRITE OUT the rules for adding & subtracting fractions, and later multiplying them on index cards so they could reference the steps if they needed to.

    Having the math rules written out eliminated a lot of homework frustration because when they got stuck, they could look it up.

    Sometimes a hands on visual approach helps when it just doesn't click.

    Hope this helps you :)

    ~ Noel

  3. Hi Christine.

    My girlfriends twins (2.5 years) recently were exposed to the cold sore virus. Aperently the first time a small child gets an out break the more drastic the outbreak. In the twins it started with puffy swollen bleeding gums, fever ect. There is a ton of info/pictures online. Thought I would pass this along - please check it out. Hugs Prayers Amanda

  4. I'm sitting here at the Travelller's Cafe in Siberia, praying for Dennis. He stil melts my heart and the thought of him in pain makes me toooo sad!

  5. Hi,
    I came across your video on Youtube and..I guess now I read your blog haha.
    I hope your family is doing well.
    I also hope the dentist goes well.

    With love

    Donna (from Utah :) )

  6. I really loved the project Julia is working on It is very nice that she is willing to donate to the needy. Blessings, Pat

  7. I really would recommend Teaching Textbooks. I had put off buying it for so long because they are expensive, but NOTHING else I was doing was helping my son understand algebra. I finally bought it and it has helped him so much. I am kicking myself for not buying it before. I will be praying that Dennis gets feeling better soon.


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