Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They Got Talent!

Kids are so full of life! They can passionately sing and dance their little hearts out-- and make you smile even when you don't feel like it.

In this video montage you can get a quick glimpse at each of the kids' personalities. Dennis is so passionate about his singing but his sore mouth makes it difficult. Anastasia is quite the dancer and singer as she rocks out to Justin Bieber. Paul is very serious, William gets caught bugging on tape, Sveta slaps her turkey baster, Alex shows off his newest head flipping dance moves, and Anna sings word for word her favorite song. This video makes me smile.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He is Still Hot

Dennis continues to run a fever. Though he tries to go about his day as normal as possible it is hard not to notice that he is just dragging along. As he begged for medicine at breakfast time, he pointed to his teeth and that is when I saw his swollen, inflamed, bloody gums. Poor poor baby.

I naturally freaked out. After 15 years of parenting, one would think I was past having that sort of reaction, but no. I got on the phone and tried to work out our new insurance which doesn't cover any local dentists around here-- so I began to rack my brain. Then I remembered that our old dentist made me promise to call her if Dennis had any problems-- even if our new insurance wouldn't cover the visit-- and even though she just had a baby a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord that she is going to see Dennis tomorrow!
For now, Motrin and sleeping with Mom will have to suffice.

Since it is getting dark much earlier than it used to, the kids now have to find things to keep themselves busy inside. The tv has not been on much so drawing has become the latest craze-- and I mean craze! Tonight William drew a picture of a boy named Binky.

I asked William if it was okay if I referred to him as Binky Boo.
William said it was okay.
P.S. Tomorrow is picture day. Sveta and Anastasia cleaned up the kitchen and made it look brand new! I spent a full hour on fractions with Rachel tonight and I am still not sure if she understands them. I am remaining hopeful that homeschooling her will give her plenty of individual attention to master those fractions! Adam began his online driving course, and John spent the day trenching for sprinklers.

Less Meets More

Living more simply..... being appreciative for what you have.... making life easier through having less choices... and focusing on more important things are all things that I desire for my children. When I read this over at Linda's blog I found myself nodding in agreement at her own choices for her family. I happened to incorporate her post into one of the devotionals we did a few days ago. Little did I know that it would actually have an impact so quickly.

Julia came to me a while later to tell me that she had already chosen her 33 items for Project 333. I was impressed. She was excited.

Needless to say, I am feeling convicted to do the same. As of today I am not sure that I am doing Project 333 but I have committed to consolidating John and my things from two dressers down to one. The other one I will give to the girls so that they could have more storage.

I look forward to seeing where this challenge takes us. If nothing else it has given us something to think about when we go out and make future purchases.

So funny that I would post about our dessert we had the other night that was nothing short of pure extravagance for our taste buds at the same time as I posted about one of my daughters choosing to get by with way less stuff.

I'm flawed like that I guess.
Anyway, after seeing Apple Nachos in a magazine at the doctor's office, I wanted to come up with our own version at home. Naturally, it was a hit!

We topped thinly sliced apples with carmel, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, crushed Oreos, and chopped up candy bars--- all topped with a dollop of Cool Whip! Personally, I thought the dessert was too sweet.

A minimalist would have been just fine with carmel.
Does that make me a minimalist? :)