Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kids Can Be So Entertaining

Life is so full of surprises. So are kids. Annalyn probably takes the cake. She became a part of our family over four years ago. Boy, does that seem like a long time. We kept it no secret that times were harder with her more often then they were not. We just kept praying for that transformation.

This summer I think it finally took place. It happened right around the time John and I came back from Ukraine. As her mother, I am rejoicing. Hugs feel more like a cup of hot cocoa rather than as forced as pulling on an itchy sweater. Offers to help are as frequent as phone calls to my Mom-- not just the occasional feather that happens by in the wind. Her honesty is like a cool splash of water on a hot day instead of waiting for the air conditioner to cool down the hot car.
I am so thankful that Annalyn has chosen to enjoy her life by living out what she has been taught in the past four years... and I am so glad that we chose her.

My three youngest toe-heads are like the three musketeers. They play together so well... that is until Jonny shucks a tower of blocks into Paul's forehead. After that they are more like the three stooges.

William is fascinated with the name David. Obsessed might be a better word. He loves the way it feels just saying that name... writing that name...

Yesterday I found out that his friend's name is you guessed it.... David. Apparently David is so cool that William wishes everyone was David.

Personally, I don't think David is all that. Issues have already began happening this year. I wish William would see that Daivd is not so cool afterall.

Julia and her friend had fun stacking cups.

So did Annalyn. Great job girls!

Admittedly, more days than not, I am feeling overwhelmed with the move, like I bit off more than I can chew. After some thoughtful consideration, I realize that giving into this thought would not be of God. We did what was best for our family in deciding to move... no matter how hard it may seem at this moment. All I can do is look to God each and every moment that I am feeling overwhelmed. He is getting me through each day and slowly but surely things are coming together. I am so incredibly thankful that I have a husband that listens and understands and encourages me and I know that God placed him in my life so that we could weather these storms together. In an attempt to get my act together, I wrote a list so that I could feel like we accomplished something. As a family we checked things off the list and I kept it up for two days as a reminder that when we put God first, everything else eventually falls into place.

As part of Homecoming Week Caleb has been dressing up everyday. This day had a cowboy theme.
Today he tried to dress as Peter Pan. I think he did a fine job!
Rachel and Annalyn dressed up for Crazy Hair Day!
Wasn't Annalyn super creative?
Dennis is a little cheese when it comes to taking pictures! He saw the camera flashing and had to get in on the action!
This cup brings Dennis so much happiness. Really, if you give him this cup, you have made his day. What makes it even better is if you fill it with milk so that Dennis can grow big and strong!
Paul is very artistic. After he draws something, the other kids try and copy it. What I loved about this particular night when Paul drew this picture was that he had no hesitation when he went and hung it up-- it was very evident that he felt right at home in doing so.


  1. I love your children's costumes. The pink hat reminds me of my grandmother old swimming cap. I am glad your children can have fun with costumes. My children also love dramatic play.Pat

  2. I just wanted to say how much I understand the overwhelming feeling of moving. In March my husband took on a promotion in a new state. I was left at home with 4 kids (3 being foster children)ages 5 and under for 2 months while he commuted.
    He was gone and I was left to help our foster kids transition, get them to therapy 5 times a week, homeschool our kindergartener, transfer/cancel utilities-insurance, find a house, and pack.
    Every day I felt as though I fell short, but somehow it was all accomplished and God held me up on those days when I wanted to collapse.

    You can do this! Not alone, but with the strength of your Heavenly father to carry you through.

  3. we live in WA state and last night my little kids went skating for the schools PTA night at our local skate rink. Anyway, my daughter was sitting on my lap while I read your blog and she saw Adams pic on the side and said he was the one handing out the skates last night. haha (shes 4) so he must have a twin or atleast to her he has a twin.

  4. I love that Paul writes his first AND last (new) names on his home pictures! He's so evidently proud of his family and belonging, made me smile.

  5. when your kids were babies did you know that they were learning? as they began to talk and to walk. when your kids were a bit older did you knwo they were learning? you have showed several examples in this post alone that you see they are learning! you will KNOW you are their MOM! no one knows a kid better than mom. and there are many prepackaged curriculums who have it all put togehter for you and all you need to do is present it. you could SO homeschool. I think you would be good at it. I wish I felt like I could do it again. I loved having them at home with me but really I am now at a place where I am happy with them going to school and they love going to school so off they go. there are lots of homeschool support groups online. and dont worry about the PS telling you about your child's progress. remember PS is not the be all and end all. they dont know everything.

  6. Love this post. It's almost as if i can feel the happiness and love in your home. The smiles, the pictures, the costumes...wonderful
    thanks are a very inspiring woman. if only i could be as faithful to God..maybe just maybe things would change.


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