Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Daughter Annalyn

Annalyn and I had fun taking pictures of each other this evening. It was special getting her to look into my eyes through the camera--- something we don't do enough.

This August makes four years with our daughter Annalyn. She will be the first to admit that they have been filled with many ups and downs. At times it felt as if we were growing further apart and yet we knew there was no other option but to stick together. Looking back, I can remember some of those tough times and appreciate that now things are just not as tough. In fact, they are much easier. Why? Because we have taken the time to learn about each other. I know where she struggles, I know what makes her laugh, I know what makes her sad, I know what she likes.... I know her. And she knows me. We have seen each other at our worst, we have comforted each other when we were down, we have celebrated together during the good times, and we continue to look forward to future memories we will make as a family.
If you ask me, that is what being a parent is all about. It is what adoption is about. It is how we do life around here. And it is a pleasure, a blessing, to be my daughter's mom.


  1. Beautiful pictures of you two!
    What a lovely post to wake up to. :)

  2. you wrote that perfectly. Beautiful pictures of you both.

  3. christine, I love the top photo of you and the bottom one of Annalyn. I can't even put my finger on what it is I love about your blog so much, but I honestly try to visit it every single day. You inspire me to be a better mom. You inspire me to be honest about the sttruggles, and often, you make me laugh! Thank you for that. I truly hope I get to meet you face to face someday.

    Love, Keri

  4. Lovely pictures. :) I really do enjoy reading your blog. :)

  5. Good sound words - I needed those tonight. Thank you! You continue to be a blessing on the internet for me.

  6. She has a good eye with the camera too! I love seeing all your pics, and am just catching up (could have done without the tooth one however :).
    HUGS to you both today!


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