Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Examples to Each Other

It is hard to believe that is has been four weeks since Anastasia and Paul came home. Life is easier for them now... life is easier for all of us. We have all had a month to be a family and get to know each other. They have gotten used to our family routine, food, church, expectations, discipline, and overall lifestyle. We have gotten used to having them as our children... the other kids have accepted them as their siblings.

I have learned that Paul doesn't care for lettuce in his sandwiches and Anastasia can eat both a hot dog and a hamburger at the same meal. Anastasia has the most feminine laugh out of all my girls and Paul tends to pout by himself when one of his siblings wrong him instead of causing a scene. Paul loves to draw, and swim, and watch me cook. Anastasia loves to do her hair, sing karaoke, and play with our kitten. They both would have earphones that played "Baby baby" by Justine Bieber glued to their head if I let them.

What I have noticed most is how Anastasia and Paul have been wonderful examples in alot of ways to their siblings. At first I only thought about how my other children would be good examples to them--- how to play in the pool, how to get ready for bed, how to sit still in church, how to put away their plate after dinner, how to make an ice-cream sundae without making a huge mess. I didn't give Anastasia and Paul enough credit to teach the other kids a thing or two. And yet they have. When I took them all grocery shopping, it was Paul who reminded Jonny not to touch things on the shelf, and it was Anastasia right before church who reminded Anna to spit out her gum.

If this has happened just over the past month, imagine how things will be in two months, six months, a year.... five years.


  1. Glad to hear that the transitin is going so smoothly. P and A have lots of good examples to follow.

  2. Maggie can chew gum AND eat a whole meal...
    Not related to your post, just thought I'd share!!!

  3. They sound like very sweet children. :) Congratulations to them and to you for finding each other.

  4. That is so great! It is amamzing to hear how well they are adjusting. Have a great week.

  5. It is always interesting to watch how the family adjusts and adapts as new children are added. Adding two at one time is way different than one at a time. I've learned that. Two at once has its good points and negative aspects.

  6. So true! Sometimes people assume that orphanages are places with no civility - but my children all came with really lovely manners (for the most part)....and often were stunned by American manners.

    Once Anastasia and I were standing in a parking lot and she dropped a piece of candy. An adult we were with said "I'm surprised she didn't eat it, coming from where she came from." That just goes to show that she didn't have a clue where Anastasia came from! Teatime in their orphanage meant tea poured from china pots, and sugar spooned from sugar bowls....cloth tableclothes and napkins, and hovering elderly ladies making sure all proprieties were observed among those 4-7 year olds!

  7. I'm so glad to hear that the adjustment is going so well. :)

  8. Hi Christine,
    I am glad your family is adjusting well since adding 2 more!:) From your posts it seems this adjustment is coming along much more smoothly than typical older child adoptions and/or sibling adoptions. I say this because it seems that you have conquered, for the most part, some of the issues like appropriate behavior, attitudes, manners, them opening up to you, and getting to know some of their likes and dislikes. It has taken us 2.5 years to get to where you already are. I feel like some of these things I still don't think we have gotten a firm AND consistent grasp on. Do you think it has to do with each individual child, you having more IA experience, or possibly they are still in "honeymoon phase?" I am just curious b/c I feel like you are light years ahead of us when we got back from UA with our 2 older siblings. What I am asking, and I hope it's ok, is how would you compare this transition for your family relative to your other adoptions? I love hearing your sage wisdom!:)
    Thank you, Kelly

  9. That is wonderful!! Glad it is going smoothly!


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