Saturday, February 13, 2010

What A Weekend!

I'm back! And my weekend was perfect in every way imaginable. I just love all the ladies I was with--- so much that we are ready to make this an annual deal! When I heard that two ladies that I didn't know were coming, I was a bit nervous at first because I am shy like that-- but they are so awesome and friendly and funny that my worries were so silly. We had much fun and laughed so much that I think we burned 5,000 extra calories each which we replaced with delicious meals!

The beach was beautiful, and the long walks near the shore blessed our souls as we shared our life stories together.

The whole weekend was so amazing... no food to cut up but our own, no hands to wash after dinner, no diapers to change, no kids to check in on, no late night surprises, and freedom to just r-e-l-a-x. All for under a hundred bucks each. So worth it.

Our first dinner was a colorful chicken salad with warm, hearty bread. We nearly polished off the whole bowl! Afterwards we played Beyond Balderdash and laughed till our sides hurt.

The next day we shopped the local thrift store and found some amazing deals. My favorite thing is a big coffee table book I bought about the Soviet Union in the 80s. The best part--- it was only seven bucks!

I made the mistake of sharing the fun time Denise and I had on our last women's retreat some four years ago. Some of the girls took the concept a few steps too far so we all ended up dressing up really goofy and going out to dinner.

I was thinking of wearing this little number but decided on....

Don't we look beautimus?

Nothing like bringing your own eating utensils to the restaurant.

We had so much fun at dinner!

When I got home, I was blessed by all that my family had done while I was away. They were very excited to introduce me to our new kitten Rachel brought home on Friday. Her name is Bella and she is such a cutie. Rosie our cat only hissed at her so she is with our dogs Misty and Dolly who are now two proud Mamas!