Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Growing Everyday!

Rachel tried out for Soccer.

Caleb has a basketball tournament this Saturday.

Dennis no longer uses his little plastic potty.

Anna no longer takes growth hormone shots yet is projected to be 5' 1"! That is awesome compared to the 4'9" they originally estimated.

One of my children thought it would be okay to take three desserts to school, when they know the rule is one.

Sveta is counting money-- something we thought she may never do!

We have two new pets-- cute, furry Guinea Pigs!

I have began scrapbooking again! I sat down and went through all of my books with William and Andrew and was inspired to pick up the hobby again! My girls are doing it with me too!

I am loving my new NIV study bible given to me by my awesome hubby.

What is going on at your house?


  1. I have emailed you before about GHT - my daughter is currently on it as well (as of two months ago). I had a few questions since we don't know anyone else on it... I was wondering how long she was one, how tall she is now, and why they took her off of it now. If you would rather email me privately that would be just fine!

  2. What fun news!!

    GO SVETA!!!!!!!

    I LOVE to scrapbook!! I'm only 8 months behind, too!! ;op

  3. What's going on at my house? Oh, you know, the usual hitting, fussing, fighting over the cat. Heehee! Actually, it's not as bad as all that, but somedays it seems like it! :)

  4. Psst, you may want to make sure your new piggies are both female or both male (though I don't know if they get along with each other....males, that is) because Guinea Pigs sometimes eat their newborns. Just fyi...ya gotta keep em separated.

  5. Our kids seem to grow really quick. I have a wonderful scrapbook called once upon a time. I really want to do a whole book for Livvy just need the inspiration suppose. Well doneyou x

  6. We had guinea pigs but usually one at a time. One of the ones we had came to us pregnant. Our neighbors watched her when we were on vacation shortly after we had bought her. We came home and asked them why she was so fat. A little while later, we had the anser - 3 babies. We gave the babies away.

    Watch your dogs as they might go for them.

    Great news about what's new at your house.

    Tell Sveta that I only got to 5 feet and that good things come in little packages.

    Way to go Dennis!

    I'm an avid scrapper and normally go to a midnighter crop each Friday. I was on hiatus in Nov. and Dec. as I was just too busy with holiday things that needed to get done. I'm back this Friday and looking forward to it.

    What's new here - Today was Liesel's doggie daycare day and she's a tired dachshund tonight.

  7. I just cleaned out my scrapbook closet. Wow did I come across a lot of good stuff! I am motivated to start scrapbooking again! I really wished we lived closer to each other ... it would be fun to get together some afternoon and scrap!

  8. Oo I love the NIV study bible (and Guinea Pigs) too!

    What's going on in our house? One child is still home; her school closes as soon as there's any snow about as all the children have to come on special buses and the carpark isn't safe. The other child has gone to school, but in an all-terrain three wheeler, not her power chair. I'm catching up on a little blogging and ignoring the washing up. And inf five minutes' time I must get up, do the washing up, and find the floor before our cleaner comes to mop it.

  9. What's going on here? Nothing! KIds are at school, hubby is on a trip, I'm reading blogs and news, and the kitten is in my arms purring... very peaceful!!

  10. Hey,

    Since you were one of my followers on my old blog, I just thought I would let you know that my blog has "moved". Please come check it out. :)


  11. We have a baby in the house!!! One more to go and we will be a family of 6. Praise the Lord. God has blessed us. I have seen miracle after miracle since Oct 15. I hope that I can raise these two to meet God's potential for them.


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