Friday, January 15, 2010

Short Update on Dennis

Dennis was awesome at the plastic surgeon's office today. They cut and removed the nylon stitches and never cried like he did last time! I was so proud of him! He also had his ears checked and is now back on antibiotic drops to clear one of the tubes. If his hearing doesn't improve at his next appointment he will most likely be getting hearing aids of some sort.

Next Tuesday Dennis will get his new prosthetic eye. Maybe Dennis won't cry there either!

We shall see!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Growing Everyday!

Rachel tried out for Soccer.

Caleb has a basketball tournament this Saturday.

Dennis no longer uses his little plastic potty.

Anna no longer takes growth hormone shots yet is projected to be 5' 1"! That is awesome compared to the 4'9" they originally estimated.

One of my children thought it would be okay to take three desserts to school, when they know the rule is one.

Sveta is counting money-- something we thought she may never do!

We have two new pets-- cute, furry Guinea Pigs!

I have began scrapbooking again! I sat down and went through all of my books with William and Andrew and was inspired to pick up the hobby again! My girls are doing it with me too!

I am loving my new NIV study bible given to me by my awesome hubby.

What is going on at your house?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Andrew, Anna, Jonny, and Dennis-- what a cute bunch!

Adam is my go to guy when I need something assembled. "So Mom, does this count as my chore?"

Rachel helped Sveta make her cell project for school. It turned out great!

Teenage boys--- they eat and eat! Basketball practice makes Caleb so hungry!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Didn't Even Ask

I was cooking dinner and turned around to see who was behind me. There was Dennis wiping up the water on the floor from when Annalyn had unloaded the dishes. It was so cute I of course grabbed my camera.

I guess he sees me do this all too often. What a helpful 3 year old!

He is Worthy To Be Praised

Amen. The last half is what hits home for me!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Was Time

Last night I went and got a haircut. I was prepared to get only a trim like back in September, but was pleased to find out that I had the 10 inches needed to donate to Locks of Love.

My neck is a little cold, but I think I like the new look. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Reed Video

A few years back I made a video music montage of our family... here is one for 2009. Wow---- what a year!

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Trooper

Everything went according to plan during surgery. His mold was poured for his new prosthetic eye and then he was operated on for a few hours. They got me immediately when he showed signs of waking up because they couldn't calm him down. He was breathing incredibly hard and he was pulling at everything. I was able to soothe him much easier than previous surgeries-- which was great for all us.

We were moved to a room before noon and after a dose of Morphine he dozed off back to sleep.

Kristen and Linda came and visited us-- only to find out the hospital was on strict lockdown due to the H1N1 virsus. They were able to linger outside our room and peak their heads in the door to say Hi to Dennis. Thanks for stopping by girls-- it was much to short!

It was obvious that Dennis did not want to be in the hospital and so I asked if we could go home if he showed signs that he was ready. The doctor okayed this and so we worked on getting Dennis to eat. He threw up a few times early on and once as late as 5 o'clock-- but he finally held food and drink down after that and wanted to sit up and go potty.

My Mom came out and stayed with us and pampered us-- which was wonderful. Thanks Mom!

We got home around 9pm. When I woke up, Dennis had pulled off his bandage (which was going to come off anyway) and was raring to go. He wanted to get up and play and eat and get back to his regular routine.

He was interested in seeing his owies and now understands why not to touch them.

The doctor essentially gave Dennis a face lift to bring cheek fat up where his right temple indents.

He will have much less of a bald spot too.

Dennis has been a love bug all day.

Praise God everything went so well!