Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doing Nothing is Special

Still missing my Dad, planning to attend his funeral on Tuesday....... but life doesn't stop..... nor do I want it to. One thing I have been reminded of is how special family is... and how each second spent with them is priceless.... even when we are doing nothing special. Well actually, just being with them is special.

Jonny had fun quickly putting this puzzle together.

So did Rachel. Though my girl is almost fourteen, not only does she occasionally get the itch to do baby puzzles with her younger brother, but she wants Barbies for Christmas. And a boy Barbie so that Jonny can play too. And that's one of the many reasons why we love her.
This morning we pulled out our apple juice change jar and rolled coins. The kids really enjoyed it.
Anna and Annalyn got the chance to explore the shanty again with Grandpa last week. They found some envelopes with a man's name on them. They went home and googled the name and found a biography on him--- and they were certain it was the same man. I let them print out the info and they then took the paper and crumpled it up and rubbed coffee on it to make it look old. Then they played detectives. For hours, they played.

I took this picture after Dennis had just woke up from having tubes put in his ears. He was barely sedated, so waking up was a breeze for him. He was ready to go in no time... and he was hungry too.
Alex is becoming very mobile. He really enjoys moving around the house on this little car.
He also enjoys licking frosting off of cupcakes.

I love these eyes. I have always thought they were gorgeous. William has a way of making them dance and sparkle.
Adam enjoys baking. Whether it be cupcakes or brownies, he always does a great job.
Dennis ate a lollipop and even three hours later his mouth was still blue. Still ---- I think he couldn't look cuter.
Recently I made ribs for dinner. Andrew asked John to drill a hole into this bone. I can't believe he wanted to wear a yucky pig bone around his neck----- this was a time I had to remember to pick my battles.

Last week, Jonny had to decorate a turkey for school. We had fun using glitter, cereal, and paint to decorate the turkey. It turned out really nice.

Dennis thinks he can make his own lunch. He loves to open up our pantry and find packages of fruit snacks that he can put in a brown bag and pack in his little car. He will then ride that car all day occasionally stopping to open up the trunk to make sure his lunch is still there.


  1. Your children are each so beautiful, talented, and unique. You help me to remember how God sees each of us. Still praying for you as you mourn your dad & prepare to celebrate his life on Tuesday.

  2. I loved all the photo's and the updates. Mr. Dennis looks and sounds like he is doing well after the tubes. Alex sounds like he is adjusting very well with each passing day that is wonderful to hear.
    As for picking "Your battles" I need to put that one in to more practice with my 2 older ones and give them a bit more breathing room while still instilling them in being obiedent (sp)
    I love the cupcake shapes are those the disposable kind the star's where can you buy them"

  3. Just LOVE your family and all your adventures~ Blessings!

  4. What a beautiful reminder to treasure our family members and the precious moments that occur every day.

    I have this feeling that Rachel and Anastasia would hit it off. Anastasia wants a "baby carrier" for Christmas - for her doll. (She who just turned twelve.)

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  6. Hey Christine, its been a little while since I've peeked in on your family... just wanted to say that I'm sorry to read about your Dad this morning. Praying peace for you and your family today. :)

  7. Still sorry for your loss, it is nice to see your family busy doing nothing. I absolutely love Dennis packing his own lunch for his car. That is adorable!

  8. Christine...My sympathies to you on the loss of your dear father.....
    I know exactly what you mean when you point out how special family is... We felt the very same when we lost my brother very suddenly to cancer a year last Hallowe'en.... While we always knew family was special it just made us realise it that little bit more and appreciate how special and what a gift life is, how fragile it is and brought myself and my siblings that much closer and united..... Life is precious and sometimes all of us can take it for granted and it takes the loss of our loved ones to make us realise that we should treasure the little moments.....
    Love your precious family and Rachel just touches my heart.... How blessed you are to have her for a daughter and how blessed she is to have you for a mother..... You must be so proud of her.....I also have a 13 yr old daughter and they are 'fun times'!! alright at times....!!

    Blessings to you all

  9. ((Christine)))

    I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad. You are in my prayers.

    I enjoy so much these posts that show daily life of your family. So FUN!

  10. I enjoyed reading this. It's the simple remind to enjoy all that you have, when your doing something major or juse having some down time. I must admit thought, when I was reading, the thought, there doing more than nothing ;)lol kept coming to me. But I get what you were meaning.

  11. Sorry to hear about your dad. God bless you! I love the pictures and little stories about your family! Enjoy relishing in them today! :)

  12. I thought William's eyes were Alex's! They really look alike.. By the way, Andrew really looks like Caleb too..

  13. Looks like it's business as usual at the Reed household! I continue to prayfor you and your family.

  14. Your father may be gone in life, but he will always be with you. Every tome you look at your kids, or find something you want to share, or hear a good tale you think he would like... you'll get past the pain of not being able to call him or talk to him, in time, you'll even move past the bittersweet feelings, there will (I promise!) come a time when you will be able to think and pray these thoughts to your dad, yes, with him, because he is in your heart, and you will feel the peace and happiness of sharing :) (((hugs))).

  15. Andrew looks just like Caleb in a smaller size!

  16. Just a random thought: Jonny looks so much like John in the first picture!


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