Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Teenager in the House!

Why?? Because today we celebrated Caleb's 13th birthday. Technically, it isn't quite his birthday yet---- but this weekend worked out for everyone to come and be a part of it!

Cousin Matt provided loads of fun by bringing silly string for all the kids.

But I have to question--- fun for who?? Certainly not me who is still cleaning it up even after the kids did a tremendous job of picking up after themselves. Oh well---- birthdays only come once a year or in our case just once a month. ;)

Alex had a really good time. Given the fact that lots of family came over and the house was loud and chaotic, Alex was a very good boy--- all the way around. I could see his little head spinning watching all of the excitement-- more than he has ever seen in his whole life. I can't wait for it to be his birthday.

Of course, Caleb got some preferential treatment being it was his party, getting to be the first one thrown in the pool!

Everyone enjoyed hanging out while the burgers were being made.

My sister Elena came over too. She always brings fun to the party.

John cooked up a storm!

Come time to eat---- everyone dug in!
The grapes that my Mom brought were very sweet and tasty. Andrew made sure to get some.
Here is a picture of all of the kids (minus Anna who was at a birthday party) with John and I.

On a more serious note......

Isn't Rachel and Alex adorable together? Same hair color and shirt color---- I love this picture.

John went out front to play Frisbee with the kids.

Time for cake!

At one point, Aunt Elena did this.....
which ended in this.

Everyone was pretty quiet here enjoying their cake and ice-cream.

Caleb got mostly money for his birthday. Now he can buy what he wants--- a mini- motorcycle!
And then it was back to more swimming!
Now onto the sleepover!


  1. Happy teenagerhood Caleb! Your house always looks like so much fun!

  2. Oh my so much fun!

    Happy birthday, Caleb!

  3. Happy Birthday Caleb! Your house is starting to look like mine, with all the teenagers.

    A sleepover too. WOW, you like to punish yourself with noise. j/k I am sure a few extra kids is not a big deal.

    Enjoy making the memories. :D


  4. He is turning into quite a young man.

  5. Happy number 13, Caleb! Looks like great fun was had by all! :)

  6. First off, Happy Birthday, Caleb!

    Second - I had to laugh about the silly string: as soon as I saw the picture I thought, "oh, man, fun for who? who's going to clean that up?" And then you said that! lol.

    For one of my kids birthdays they had a sleepover and the girls wanted to have marshmallow fights. They begged me, said it would be so much fun!!! So, I bought a few bags of marshmallows and let them run around the house throwing them at each other. So much fun for them. NOT so much fun for me who continued to find squished marshmallows for MONTHS even though the girls did a good job cleaning up after themselves. But, a good time WAS had.

  7. Happy Birthday Caleb!
    Birthday parties at you home always look like so much FUN! I love following your blog! I still don't know how you get all those faces to look at the camera and smile at the same time!! You have a beautiful family Christine, you are very BLESSED!!

  8. Awesome Party, Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Happy early birthday to Caleb?

    Wouldn't you love to be a fly in the neighbor's house and wonder what they are saying when you all get together?

    Have you met many of the neighbors? Kids for your kids to be playmates with?

  10. You make it look so natural having a house filled with children of all ages!
    So much fun!! I am thankful for who you are Christine :)

  11. Sis~ Im glad I was able to make it! It was worth playing hooky from work ;) I missed you guys! XOXO

  12. Your big beautiful family brings a huge smile to my face. What great pictures, makes me wish my family was related to yours and we could have been a part of all the fun!

    Happy Birthday to the new teenager - Caleb!


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