Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots and Lots

I'm making it a point to slow down, chill, and enjoy the moment. After seeing how excited my son Jonny is every time after coming back from Grandma and Grandpa's house, I sat sown and asked him why he loved going there so much. "I get to play lots of card games with them," was one of his answers. Hey, I thought. I can be fun too. And that is when I decided that certain things can wait or not be done at all.

Cards are a big thing in our house right now. Uno, Go Fish, and Racko are the names of the games. Sveta can't quite grasp the concept of Uno, and Racko, but she is a pro at Go Fish! It was so sweet to watch her and Jonny playing the other night. They enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching them.

The girls have finally made some friends in the neighborhood. They are really nice and have started coming over more often. They attend our church too, where they have gotten to know each other better. One day, they thought it would be fun to throw as many balls as possible into the basketball net. I think the final count was seven.

Oh my! Look at Jonny's long fingers!

It finally came! Anna's first shipment of Growth Hormone was delivered today!
This is a three month supply, complete with syringes, and a disposal box.

Tomorrow, I take her up to Valley Children's Hospital, where I will learn and give her first shot!
I'll let you know how that goes.

Tonight I introduced avocado to Dennis. He loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that he didn't want to share it with Daddy! Here he is trying to keep Daddy from taking a bite.

"Look at me! I am a big boy! I can feed myself now!"

Talking about food, look what I had for lunch the other day.
I fried nitrate free pepperoni and topped it with pepper jack cheese, tomato, and onion. It tasted like pizza!

Today for lunch I fried up a lean hamburger patty and topped it with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onion. I drizzled with mustard and mayonnaise. A hamburger without the bun that you eat with a fork! Yummy!
And don't forget to drink water and exercise. And by exercise I don't mean running a mile or joining a gym--- just look at my routine. I make a conscious effort to bring my heart rate up at least four times a day for around five minutes. I do this by running up and down the stairs followed by a few jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups. Sometimes I do a few kicks in the air which Dennis thinks is just too funny. You should see him imitate me! Oh, and now I jog to the mailbox instead of having the kids get the mail. Not alot of exercise, but enough to make a difference. If I can do it--- so can you! Did I mention that I have lost another two pounds making the grand total so far six pounds? And John has already lost that much too!
Rachel had her friend Vika spend the night a few days ago. I am really fond of Vika because I helped her to find a new family almost two years ago! It is such a blessing to be able to stay in touch with the kids that I help to find new families because of a disruption. She is doing so well, and her and Rachel and Julia too, always have a great time together. Rachel got her nails painted extra fancy by Vika!

Here is my MR. BLUE EYE! I absolutely love this photo of him. Doesn't he look angelic?
Please keep him in prayer. His surgery is scheduled for next Friday, March 6th. It may be moved up to Wednesday, March 4th. Regardless of the date, it is right around the corner, and this surgery is a biggie! My prayer is that his skin and muscle will be extra stretchable allowing the doctor to cut, and tug, and readjust, and hopefully close up the bottom part of his eye. The doctor is going to address the scar tissue on both sides of his face and attempt to fix his lip. Completely amazing! Lord, please look after little Dennis!
Tonight while I was cuddling with some of the kids, Rachel wanted to take pictures. I think they turned out great!

Go give your kids a hug today! And don't let the sun go down without making sure they know how much they are loved..... the longer relationships go unrepaired with unresolved issues, the harder a heart can become.
** FYI- Julia is in the county spelling bee tomorrow! I'll try to get pictures!