Monday, January 19, 2009

In the Air

Wow---- these girls have energy! Turn on some music and they will jump and dance all around!

Sveta can jump from the third stair.

So can Anna!

Annalyn plays it save and jumps onto carpet!

How fun!

It's Getting There

Slowly, the new play set is getting put together. Here is the progress, little by little.

The kids have had so much fun--- even though it is not done. It makes me so happy to see how much enjoyment they have gotten out of it thus far.

This has definitely been a family project.

John spent most of Saturday leveling, removing sod, and staking it to the ground.

This is how far they got last night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A HomeTown Birthday!

Happy Birthday Annalyn! When we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she shouted, "Go to HomeTown Buffet as a family for dinner!"

So that is what we did!

Cousin Matt, Aunt Lisa, and Baboonya joined us.

Most of the kids cost $.65 times the number of years they are....... some rang up as adults------bottom line----- tonight I order you to EAT, EAT , EAT!

This is Annalyn's favorite place to eat, and we were so happy to take her there to celebrate her 11th birthday--- the third birthday we have been able to celebrate with her.

Annalyn had the honors of going and fixing her plate first.

Dennis couldn't wait for dessert! I think he is the only one who truly ate his money's worth!

Annalyn is the dessert master. She can sure make an awesome sundae!
We all ate till we were full!

No ice-cream for me----- I am a pudding type of girl! Anna brought me a bowl of tapioca and chocolate pudding.

My first cousin Matt-- who might as well be my brother because his Mother is my Dad's sister, and his father is my Mom's brother, took all of these wonderful pictures.

I managed to take this one of him and William. Did I mention that he gave me his old camera----- which is the best camera I have probably ever had! You better believe that I am excited!

I couldn't shovel it in fast enough for Dennis, so I jokingly tried to give him his biggest bite ever! Take a look at Adam, as if he is coaching Dennis on what to do.

Annalyn got some wonderful and thoughtful presents. She also raked in the cash--- a whopping $40! I told her now she can take us all out next weekend!

What beautiful shoes for a beautiful girl!

Sveta gave her a very special journal because we all know that Annalyn loves to write.
Adam gave Annalyn the surprise of her life by giving her a brotherly kiss on the cheek. You should have been there!

We all had a great time!

When it was time to leave, Baboonya got out quarters and let all of the kids buy something from the machines. What a special treat---- something I am sure they will remember forever!