Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is a video that has by far been the most convincing, yet graphic illustration as to why abortion is so horrible--- unthinkable. I don't understand how anyone can support a woman's choice to do this. It is of my opinion that if we as a country are allowed to do this, than we should be allowed to murder whoever harms us, threatens us, ticks us off, or merely inconveniences us --- just as easily. Honestly, what is the difference? I can't understand why so many are unresponsive to the war that is being waged on the most innocent lives of all.

Just click on the video on the right hand side of the site, but beware, this might change your mind. Are you open and willing to have God work in your life at this very moment? Every woman thinking of doing this, should be required to watch a video like this.

I also want to encourage you to read this. It was lifechanging for me.

So was this........ but even more so. Redeeming Love changed my life so much, second to the Bible, that I went out and bought at least five copies and handed them out to friends and family.


  1. Warning is an understatment. That was the MOST disgusting, sick thing I have ever seen. I had to turn it off 1/4 way through as I just couldnt watch anymore.
    I feel sorry for anyone who's job that is.... More sorry for the baby's of course.
    Ugh, I feel like throwing up..

  2. Horrifying and disgusting, i am sorry I looked at it, I could not finish.

  3. Yes it is graphic. I said it would be. Sadly, it is what it is. People need to be aware of it. The general population wants to turn their head from this gruesome procedure that results in death that we trivially call Pro-Choice. Everyday, God lays it upon my heart to advocate for these defenseless lives.

  4. I have not watched it but maybe after kidlets go to bed. But you know I never knew there were those out there that lived through abortions until this election season. So sad. All of it. I cant even imagine any part of it. I had a friend in high school that got one and I wonder all my life about her and how she must deal with that every day, I wonder if it bothers her at all or if its just bothered me all these years. ......

  5. Even though I already HATE abortion, this broke my heart and made me cry. Every one of those babies should be loved and protected, not broken and discarded. It is shocking that any human being could do this.

  6. Wow, I was always against abortion but this broke my heart. The video is so powerful that I passed it on to my family and friends. I also passed it on to someone I know who is supporting Obama, maybe she will open her eyes!!!!!

  7. Thank you for posting this. Thank you for being a voice.

  8. How horrific! I have posted it on my blog and plan on sending it out to all my email list. I was always pro-life, I even quit a job because I wouldn't take any part in abortion. I can't imagine anyone viewing it and not having a change of heart, if they were pro-choice. How sad for them if it doesn't.

  9. Oh BTW, I'm wondering about the poll that you put up.

  10. "....we should be allowed to murder whoever harms us, threatens us, ticks us off, or merely inconveniences us..."

    You know, that is almost exactly what I told my doctor when he recommended I abort my 6th pregnancy. I couldn't even contemplate killing my unborn child any more than I would consider murdering one of my other children.

    Yes that was a horrible video to watch, and as the tears streamed down my face I could only thank God that those dear little babies are now safe with Him.

    I have also watched a video of an actual abortion where it shows on ultrasound how the baby actually tries to move away from the surgical instruments and it's mouth opens wide in a silent scream.

    How can anyone support this?

  11. Thanks for putting this video on your blog. It was horrible, but so true. I cried, I hope everyone does because it is a heart-wrenching and sinful practice. I put a link to it on Divine Caroline where I got caught up in a debate on this issue. You have the chance to vote on Proposition 4 in CA. Praise God!

  12. I feel like screaming, vomiting, crying, etc. The world really has trivialized life. Satan has taken away words that honor life and replaced them with words like "tissue." No one can watch that video and continue referring to tiny lives as tissue.

    I have read both of the books you referred to. I agree that they are well worth the read. The Atonement Child may even speak to those who support abortion of crisis pregnancies.

    God bless you for your courage and strength!

  13. Redeeming Love is a great book and Francine Rivers has an awesome testimony herself.

  14. I have been studying Ezekiel and in chapter 22 it is clear that God will judge the bloody city (much like our nation that is stained from abortion blood).

    Ez.22:9 ~ "slanderous men have been in you (the city) for the purpose of shedding blood. "

    Ez. 22:12 ~ "In you they have taken bribes to shed blood; you have taken interest and profits, and you have injured your neighbors for gain by oppression, and you have forgotten Me (God)"

    We are a country stained by this kind of blood. A nation that is used to sticking our head in the sand and turning the other way rather than fully understanding what is going on.

    We deserve the wrath of God for turning our back on Him as a nation. We need to pray for forgiveness and for His mercy and grace.

    We need to be restored to the image of Christ and choose to walk in God's way and not in the ways of the lies of the world.

    If the "lie" is repeated enough, then people start to be convinced. Thanks for sharing the truth, even if it is hard to see.


    I hope this takes you to it. It is called "Reproductive Rights: Where do you stand? Be ready for some VERY ignorant and hateful comments from others. It is worse than CNN or NBC, as far as a liberal agenda, if you know what I mean.

  16. I am horrified. I have never actually allowed myself to be aware of what happens during an abortion, and am completely disgusted. Sick to my stomach.
    My adopted sister Maddie was a failed abortion. I can't write about it on my blog because she reads my blog and hasn't been told all of the details yet (she's 13). I want SO badly to tell her story to everyone who thinks abortion is ok.
    My sister is such a blessing in our lives.

  17. I do not support abortion as I have a beautiful baby girl through adoption. Had her mother or my own mother chosen abortion neither of us would be here today. I have to be honest. I can't bring myself to watch the video. I've seen to much sadness as it is. P.S. I went over to vote for you. However, I do not want to sign up w/ a pw and etc on another site. Hope you understand.

  18. I know that abortion is disgusting, but I couldn't finish the video. How can anyone say those precious babies aren't alive? God's judgement will soon be on this country even more so than before due to the killing of the innocent!

  19. WOW...I am sooooo sick right now. I couldn't even finish watching the video. I just tucked my two little ones in bed right now,and I want to go hug and kiss them!
    thank you for posting this video though...people need to know! I have heard about what happens in an abortion,but oh my word. Thank goodness I was raised in a Christian home and know better...
    god bless

  20. I once saw a picture (still photograph) of an aborted baby and I vomited. I couldn't sleep for many nights, so I won't watch the video. I know I cannot handle it. God forgive our nation.
    I would like to second your book recommendations. Excellent, excellent books. Redeeming Love is my all time favorite. Not in the "gives me warm fuzzies" way, but as in the life-changing, revival way.

  21. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, feeling sick after watching most of the video. I finally had to click to his speech at the end because it was more than I could take.

    I was already pro-life, and this just reinforced in my mind the horror of abortions.

    I can't say thank you because it was so awful to watch, but I appreciate that you contine to be a voice of truth.

  22. I am heartbroken after watching that video. To see the faces of real children killed at the hands of their own mothers and doctors.....just heartwrenching. I too cannot begin to fathom why this practice is acceptable to at least half of the U.S. population. God bless this man and others who are speaking out for the unborn.

  23. I have to agree that *Warning* was an understatement! What a shocking and saddening video! I could not believe the "size" of some of those babies - babies that probably would have been developed enough to give birth to....
    I can't say that I am pro-life or pro-choice... as I believe that many situations are different - I truly believe that ANYONE having an abortion or the partner or parents who consent to the abortion should have to see a video like this prior, receive counseling before and after - and be fully aware of what they are doing to the child! It is so sad that there are thousands and thousands of people wanting to adopt babies - and millions are aborted each year... that does not make sense! So so sad - but I thank you for posting it - it was a real smack of reality, whether I was ready for it or not.

  24. I won't be looking at the video... I can't even handle hearing abortions described. It makes me physically ill. It's so horrific!! :(

  25. Hideous. Something else that breaks my heart is when I remember that, although WE rarely see things like this, Jesus can never turn His face away. There is a constant, steady stream of these children's spirits on their way to heaven at any given time.
    We want to protect our children from images like this, and that's a good thing, and the Lord probably feels the same way. He may be glad we don't have to see it all day every day the way He does. Yet there comes a time when mature children begin to share some of their parents' burdens.
    To see this and then dismiss it is to be like Pilate, who knew he was standing before Truth in whom he admitted he could find nothing false. He knew killing Jesus was wrong, yet he condemned Him with a shrug and a "What is truth?" He thought that by not getting personally involved he could absolve himself of any responsibility for the death of the Innocent One.
    Seeing this video might hurt (and linking to it may cause controversy), but it may be images like this that protect countless children in the end. I'm linking it in my blog as well. Thanks, Christine!

  26. I wish the abortion debate had not become so polarized- prolife, no abortion from conception regardless of the circumstances, and prochoice, free and readily available access to abortion until viability. Yet, the majority of people in America are actually in the middle somewhere- for example, access to "morning after" pills and abortions only early in pregnancy. Because the viewpoints of the two "camps" have crept more to their polar opposites, they have come to view each other with great suspicion and the focus becomes on strategic tactics rather than effective discussion or agreement. We wind up playing political games to nudge policies one way or another, little ultimately gained. This is just a comment on this difficult issue.

  27. Hi Christine, I agree with you all the way. I passed this video on and one person gave this comment. I want to get your opinion on the comment!!

    Abortion. I can see the need for abortion. I can. It is not a choice I would or could ever make for myself, but for some it is a necessity to save the mother's life. In this society, abortion has become much more of a tool of birth control than a tool of saving a life.

    I know that it is not realistic to overturn Roe V. Wade. But there is a need for reform. In cases of abortions to just prevent a birth, the woman should be more encouraged to consider adoption, the woman should have an ultrasound at least once prior to the procedure, the woman should be given a psychiatric evaluation prior to the abortion and then receive emotional help and support following the abortion.

    I could never in good conscience vote for a man who would not want his child to be burdened with a baby because of a CHOICE she made. That is one of the most selfish things I have ever heard.

    Let me know what you think..
    Thanks, Stacey

  28. I couldn't watch the video yesterday when I read your post - I just realized yesterday morning at a doctor appointment that I have miscarried a baby, and on top of the emotions of that I didn't think this would be a time too see a graphic abortion video. On the other hand, I don't have to see a video to make up my mind on abortion - you and I are in total agreement on this topic. Abortion always ends a life. Abortion is never okay. Peggy

  29. Blessings to you Peggy. I don't know you but I've been there. The pain lessens but you never totally forget. Not even after 19 years!

  30. Thank you for continuing to fight for the "least of these"

  31. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for sharing that video. It is so awesome to see someone in a position of influence like that actor use it for good! I've read both "Redeeming Love" and "The Atonement Child." Francine Rivers is a powerful writer!

  32. I believe in a woman's right to choose.
    She can choose to keep her pants up or her dress down.

    After that: She has no choice, it is no longer about her.

    As in cases of incest or rape; she can choose to either raise the child, or if she cannot, find somebody who can. There is never an excuse for murder.

    Thanks for posting. I'll look more at it later.
    Our dd lost her leg to this procedure. I can only imagine the fright of her first moments of life.

  33. I guess I am confused. I know there are people who helped put George W. Bush in office (twice) because he is pro-life, yet what has he done for those precious lives in his 8 years in office?

    It does seem like these candidates get voters on hot issues like abortion but in the end do they really do anything about it?

    I mean if Obama wins and the state of abortion remains the same, well how is that different than Bush winning the last couple times around?

    Is any candidate REALLY going to pay any attention to abortion once they are in office or are they just usuing the issue as a way to get voters attention?

  34. In partial answer to your question:

    The president can APPOINT a judge. They will usually appoint a judge who agrees with their ideas and convictions of many issues including abortion.

    Abortion is not the only issue I look at in a candidate and neither candidate is to my liking AT ALL this time OR last time. I must vote my conscience. I have voted, but not for either of this years popular fellows.

    HOWEVER, I will say, when it comes to a person who sees a baby as "punishment" if it is untimely or handicapped. If he sees abortion as an option for the unborn, and infanticide an option for those who survive abortion, then what about the guy on disability who is an excess burden on the federal budget? How about the elderly?
    How about YOU or ME? Going down that slipperly slope "legally" can lead to a very scary scenario now illegal that is only a judges vote away.

  35. I didnt watch the video....I know its horrible. I would NOT have an abortion. I would DISCOURAGE anyone I knew or loved from having one. yet...I am pro choice. Nobody is PRO ABORTION, and it is unfair when it is put that way.

    I wonder, those of you who are pro am you support the death penalty? Do you think about the thousands of children starving in 3rd world countries...or dying in any of the myriad of wars around the world? Some..perpetrated by your own government. Put some energy there sometimes please.

  36. Anonymous:

    I actually do not support the death penalty in our country. There are too many innocent people sitting in jails, and YES to the rest of your post.

    I would only support the death penalty in the case of more than 2 witnesses seeing another persons life taken. I would never support it on speculation, forensic evidence, or hair fibers. Scary stuff.

    AND the wars going on in other countries right now DO effect us and DO cause us to want to reach out.

    I also remember that when I point the finger, there are 3 pointing back at me.
    So I try to be cautious not to point.

    I have heard the "nobody is pro abortion" but for choice.

    I stand by what I said. I have 7 children. 4 came at a VERY awful time in my life and when pregnant with my youngest son my entire family wanted me to abort. These are CHRISTIANS. That is how awful my life was at the time.
    I am so glad that I listened to my heart and not my circumstances.

    I have a dear daughter who's leg was cut off during an attempted abortion. Our other dd suffered toxic infection because of a botched abortion.
    It is UGLY, and it is NEVER, EVER, EVER the answer.


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