Friday, October 24, 2008

Bread Pudding and a Butterball Turkey

I have to be careful with Thanksgiving around the corner. My son might be mistaken for a Butterball Turkey!
He sure loves showers and will spend as much time as I will let him after I have gotten out.

Here is my handsome guy brushing his teeth. He does a really good job! For those of you who have been wondering what exactly Poland Syndrome is, you can see how his right breast is lower and much flatter than his left. He is basically missing a left pectoral muscle, but nonetheless, he is my little cherub. After discussing with doctors, we do not plan to do anything unless Dennis wants something cosmetically done when he is a teenager. That would include removing muscle from his thigh or calf to build up the appearance of a chest muscle so I am not eager to go down that path for purely cosmetic reasons anytime soon if ever.
Julia and Sveta made this bead necklace the other night. It is so big that it can wrap around their neck at least six times.
I gotta love my kids hearts, especially Williams. Today after eating his snack on this plate, he wanted to show me how he wiped it clean so we could use it for another time. Nothing like trying to save our family money by not being wasteful. The other night at church, Anna brought out a dessert plate to the car. "Why did you bring that Anna?" "It had my snack on it and I didn't get it dirty. It is still clean so we could reuse it at home."
Last night, I made up a new recipe for bread pudding and it was delicious. Honestly, my family thought it was the best ever....... so good I am not sure I am going to post it. Isn't that rude?
Anyway, when the bread pudding was done we topped it with pureed strawberries and whip cream. It was heavenly.
Guess what I finished up for lunch?
Today we got a package in the mail all the way from Australia. Souvenir rulers and pencils and a book....... Thanks Chelley.... that was so thoughtful of you! As you can see, you made my kids' day.


  1. Ok you got to share the bread pudding ?!?!?!? I havent had one in ages!!!

    How good does Mr Butterball oppss I mean Dennis look!!

    I AM SO glad that THIS parcel made it to your house!!! Who knows where the first one went!!! Though looking at Dennis now I am sure the outfit I sent in the first wouldnt fit him now anyways!!!

  2. Chelley is just wonderful! The best Aussie ever!
    I LOVE bread pudding, you should share your recipe!

  3. Mmmm....bread pudding sounds good! (Actually, I've never been brave enough to try it before, but if it's that good - with the right recipe - *hint hint* - I just may have to try it).

    Dennis is SO cute!! I love little toddler tummy's.

  4. bread pudding....
    so good....
    what?! no recipe? You are such a booger :P

    Your little butterball is so cute and I love his pants ala 1970's grandpa - pulled up past his belly button. :) Oh Dennis - Your cute face really does make my day.

  5. I have never had bread pudding before! You have to share your recipe! LOL!!

    Dennis looks so happy...what a cutie pie!

  6. You and I have the same taste in pajamas as many of your kids have the same pj's as my kids. Funny.


  7. Christine~ just wanted to add a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying your is AWESOME and I love the "being real" comments a few post precious!!! You are a great example for us moms!!
    Melanie Hall

  8. Cutest little turkey I've ever seen. I'd like to gobble him up. Your bread pudding sounds awesome. I have to be honest and say I don't even know if I know what it is. I've never had it. But it sounds good. I think it's great that your kids understand how important it is to be frugal. That's great. Especially with the economy the way it is. Good job mom. Love your face.

  9. No no no you must share that recipe! Thats why I come on this blog for your recipes.. lol

  10. Dont be mean, you have to share your recipes. My kids love bread and butter pudding and I want to try yours on them.
    Dennis is so cute, and God bless William and his forthought for thinking about the current state of the economy LOL

  11. I need a dessert for Sunday supper tomorrow. Now you have to share the bread pudding recipe!

  12. Hey, everyone! There is nothing easier to make than a simple bread pudding! It is a recipe intended to use up those dry heels no one wants. Just a few eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, salt. Pour over and bake. My favorite bread pudding recipe is "Bread and Butter Pudding" from the Fannie Farmer cookbook. The butter is so naughty, but does taste lovely. But I've never seen a bread pudding with meringue on it. That looks delish.

    Dennis is a peach. Suddenly tonight in the middle of dinner I was just overwhelmed with a vision of how different his life is than it would have been. Here he is, the apple of everyone's eye; adored and cosseted by brothers and sisters, snuggled and cherished by a mom and dad. Plenty of good nutrition, water to bathe in and play in - every day. How amazing.

  13. Dennis is looking great. It think your decision is wise if he has full function in both arms anyway.

  14. i love how you take pictures of daily life. so simple to do but i'm so forgetful! my hubby has pectoral muscle'd never know...sounds like a intense surgery to fix it...personally, i won't go there either. so happy that he is growing, happy and healthy!

  15. Your kids are awesome! How cool to get a package from Down Under.

  16. "Koala Lou, I do love you" I love that book!!! That one and Possum Magic, C-L-A-S-S-I-C-S, absolute must haves for any kids collection. Oh, Oh, and Where is the Green Sheep, and Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge, and... and... and... Lets just say I love kids books and Mem Fox does them BEST!


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