Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Flies--- Dennis home 1 month

Our youngest son Dennis..... the baby of the family....... has been home a whole month already! I remember like it was yesterday...... we were all sitting up till very late at night on July 18th waiting for John and Dennis to arrive home from Ukraine. Ever since Dennis joined our family, our home has been filled with his jabbering, squealing, and most recently laughing! It is such a wonderful sound.

Dennis loves his blue car. He also loves to lay down where ever and when ever, just like this, to take a break and just chill. I wish some of my other kids would do the same. :)

Isn't he a sweetie?

Here is Dennis with his blue car again....... and my tupperware (actually an old yogurt lid I pretend is my tupperware).

Dennis thinks he is such a big boy now! He can actually push Jonny around and then Jonny will push him around. Imagine that...... sharing.

I told you he can walk. And he will follow Jonny all over the place.

Couldn't resist another bath picture. I think Dennis is approaching "chunky." ((clapping))

I love his baby fat. Maybe for the first time ever, I'll get to say I have an actual "chunky" baby. All my bio babies were always lean and thin.

Dennis can now sit in his high chair even if we are not feeding him. It took him a while to realize that you can have fun just sitting in it and interacting with the family without food being in the equation. We like to put him in it because it puts him more at our eye level so he can see what is going on. Speaking of seeing, we have been told that while it looks like Dennis is tracking with his "bad" eye, he is not able to see out of it because it has atrophied. Yes, it will be removed eventually and replaced with a glass eye.

Here is a very short video of Jonny and Dennis playing together. Jonny is one amazing big brother to his amazing baby brother!


  1. I just printed off your Chili Verde recipe. It sounds awesome...I will be making that soon...along with the NM Cookies...Yummy!!

  2. Hey! He is getting some meat on them little bones! Good job Dennis! :-)

  3. He IS getting some meat on his bones, he looks fantastic!

    Cute watching him and Johnny interact with each other.

  4. WOW! 1Month already....that is AMAZING!! He's well acclimated which is wonderful!!!

  5. he has grown so much. even look at his wrists..... great job

  6. Not only is he getting that chunk...he LOOKS healthier Christine. Does that make sense? His skin looks pinker and more clear....the blue of his eye looks so much more crystal to me. His hair looks healthier and a tad lighter too, no?
    Fabulous job Mom! Keep up the great work!


  7. wow, what a transformation one month has made for Dennis. He looks so happy and so cute and chunky. Keep up the good work.

  8. I can't believe it's been a month already! There certainly is a big difference in Dennis in that short time! Not only is he filling out, but his skin coloring looks healthier! All that love and good eating!

  9. Wow, what a difference one month makes! I have the same gift while stopping for "one" item!

  10. He looks so happy and settled already! YOu're doing an amazing job!

  11. He looks GREAT! I can`t believe a month has gone by so quickly . . . I started reading your blog (your other one) about a week before he came home.

    Talk about changes, that boy is getting positively fat, particularly in the thighs. You have to love cute, chubby baby thighs! Looking good. :D

  12. Somehow I missed this post. He is looking chubbier. Love those chubby legs and arms! :) He is so cute when he interacts with Jonny!


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