Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Flies--- Dennis home 1 month

Our youngest son Dennis..... the baby of the family....... has been home a whole month already! I remember like it was yesterday...... we were all sitting up till very late at night on July 18th waiting for John and Dennis to arrive home from Ukraine. Ever since Dennis joined our family, our home has been filled with his jabbering, squealing, and most recently laughing! It is such a wonderful sound.

Dennis loves his blue car. He also loves to lay down where ever and when ever, just like this, to take a break and just chill. I wish some of my other kids would do the same. :)

Isn't he a sweetie?

Here is Dennis with his blue car again....... and my tupperware (actually an old yogurt lid I pretend is my tupperware).

Dennis thinks he is such a big boy now! He can actually push Jonny around and then Jonny will push him around. Imagine that...... sharing.

I told you he can walk. And he will follow Jonny all over the place.

Couldn't resist another bath picture. I think Dennis is approaching "chunky." ((clapping))

I love his baby fat. Maybe for the first time ever, I'll get to say I have an actual "chunky" baby. All my bio babies were always lean and thin.

Dennis can now sit in his high chair even if we are not feeding him. It took him a while to realize that you can have fun just sitting in it and interacting with the family without food being in the equation. We like to put him in it because it puts him more at our eye level so he can see what is going on. Speaking of seeing, we have been told that while it looks like Dennis is tracking with his "bad" eye, he is not able to see out of it because it has atrophied. Yes, it will be removed eventually and replaced with a glass eye.

Here is a very short video of Jonny and Dennis playing together. Jonny is one amazing big brother to his amazing baby brother!

One last summer outing!

Yesterday we went on our last family outing before school starts. Honestly as cheap as I am, it was wonderful that our adoption agency "God's Waiting Children" was having this get together for adoptive families and host families or else we probably wouldn't have done anything at all because I would have thought it would cost too much money. Since going to the lake for the day cost hardly anything at all except for gas, we were able to splurge a little with the kids, and they loved it!

We left our home around 9:00 am and stopped for Starbucks. As the Starbuck's employee kept handing me drinks I wondered what the people in the car behind me were thinking. Hehehe.

On the way we stopped to fill up the van with gas and get Subway sandwiches. I wonder how William got up there.

Here we are at the lake. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Dennis really enjoyed the water and sand.

Here are William, Andrew, Julia, Annalyn, and Sveta on a boat.

William, Annalyn, Andrew, and Jonny stayed close to shore with me when the other kids swam out to a big rock with John.

Adam made it to the rock first! Look at those slowpokes swimming far behind.

Finally they made it!

Did I mention how interested Dennis was in the sand? He wanted to touch it, taste it, and rub it in his hair. I was so worried that he would get it in his eye.... but he didn't.

Dennis was content sitting at the water's edge with the water gently lapping at his feet.

Sveta was waiting to ride on the boat again. She loved it!

Andrew and Jonny got into a mud fight. They played and played and played!

Daddy took all the kids out kayaking. Here he is with Annalyn.

Rachel and Anna bottled up the shiny sand. They were convinced that it must have gold in it.

Poor Adam looks like he has had enough of the sun..... don't you think?

The day was really fun! All the kids enjoyed themselves. It was really nice getting to meet so many nice and amazing people.

Here is a picture of Dennis and Andrew on the drive home. I just can't get over how much more smiley Dennis has become over the last week!

As a final treat and awesome way to end the day, we all went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. You would think that after a long exhausting day in the sun the kids would have been cranky and tired. Actually they all behaved great and dinner was really wonderful.

Here is Jonny, Caleb, Andrew, and William waiting to be seated.

Here I am with Caleb who I think desperately needs a haircut. What do you think?

A sure way to tell the kids are growing up???? Now we have four ordering off the adult menu!

It was nice to have this "last summer" day before the kid's go back to school next week. However, I am thrilled that next Thursday I will send my brood off to school!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturdays are Sweet

Weekends are nice. Especially when you know that you don't have any big commitments and can just stay home and take it easy. I like them even more when the kids are in school all week and Saturday and Sunday are days where we get to spend quality time with the kids and it feels like a definite break from the long week versus when they are out of school and the days run into one another. I was thankful to catch up on some much needed sleep last night, but it would have been nicer had I not been bothered with a bad dream that seemed to play over and over into the wee hours of the morning when I finally woke up to go to the bathroom. Don't you ever wish that you can change your dream if you don't like it kind of like you change tv channels?

Moving on, I had to remind myself twice yesterday not to do things just because one of my kids didn't do it right the first time. Reminds of this post but instead of socks and toilet paper it was moving the brown can from the street back to the side of the house. I asked one of the kids to do it in the morning and it still wasn't done by the time I left to go pick them up from school. I was so tempted to do it myself but stopped myself. Same with the ham thrown into the fridge without being ziplocked shut....... the juice dripped all over by crisper drawer. Argh! I was so tempted to clean it out myself but saved it for my child who in a hurry to play computer and threw it in there still open.

Besides that, the girls told me that Jonny cried once he got to school. Reminds me of this post and I wondered if I should talk to his teacher. But since she didn't mention anything which leads me to believe his crying was short lived and I remembered this post I have decided to not make a big deal about it.

Now on to pictures from today.

Mid-morning I looked out the window while I was cooking up Chili Verde and saw this. Kinda made me smile so I grabbed my camera, of course.

Today a package came in the mail from a special someone in Connecticut. It was for Dennis. She sent him a Clifford dog, puzzle, book, and sweater. A big thank you! My kids were excited just opening it for their baby brother, as you can see in these pics!

Don't worry, now that Dennis has moved onto eating buttered waffles with sweet milk, I think this sweater will fit him by winter!

This morning Sveta, William, Andrew, and Jonny with Annalyn leading the pack went around the yard collecting dead bugs. I finally had someone come out and spray for insects this past week and so there were plenty of bug corpses laying around. Ewgh!

Here is Annalyn holding a potato bug. She looks so squeamish because it is actually still moving around and she didn't like having the lid off the container for the picture.

All I can say about this picture is, "I'm teaching him well."

And on to the pool fun! My cousin Matt and his wife Jen came out today to spend the day and the night with us. They are so much fun! Many of these pics are compliments of him because I was either taking care of Dennis or was inside cooking. Thanks Matt!

Daddy's cannonball!

Anna's funky dive!

Jonny and William playing around.

Adam's cannonball looks better than his Dad's.

This was my idea. Anna wasn't so sure about it but here I am coaxing her to do the impossible. I'm sure she was thinking, "If this is so much fun then why aren't you doing it Mom?"

After swimming, Dennis zonked out for his nap. It was sweet of Caleb to join him. He is so good and helpful with Dennis.

Awhh! I can't believe I am deliberately posting this picture of me... but remember I'm keeping it real. The conversation I'm having with Jen??? How old my bathing suit is (at least five years old) and why it is so old (I absolutely hate trying on bathing suits). Probably another reason is that they are getting skimpier every year and yet for less material you are expected to pay more money. Just doesn't make sense. I have a feeling that you might just see me in this bathing suit next summer.

What is it with kids and their belly buttons? Jonny (and Anna) still play with theirs.

Daddy with three of his daughters hugging Rachel. How sweet.

Right before bed these three brave girls went swimming. It was too chilly for the rest of us.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Too tired......

to blog tonight. I just got Dennis off to bed and Daddy is out with a bunch of kids watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars so I am turning in early. I can't wait till my head hits the pillow.

Good night.