Friday, May 18, 2007

Fishies that bite

My mounds of clothes are gone now. After sorting through all of them I ended up donating 8 huge bags. Unbelievable after you see just how much we still have. I think I could clothe at least four more girls.

Today was William's fieldtrip. We went to Weibe Farms. We learned all about stone fruit, and what goes on in a packing shed. It was quite interesting. I was very proud of William for at least trying the peach muffins that we had for snack.

Tomorrow will be a busy and exciting day. I am going with Anna on her fieldtrip and then we are going on the mother-daughter retreat. As we packed, I could tell the excitement was building for the girls. Sveta asked about swimming because I had them pack their swimsuits. Since the camp has a small pond, I told them that they could go swimming in there.

Sveta of course asked, "In there sharks? That bite?"

"No," I told her, "Just little fish that bite your feet like the kitty."

Sveta's face at that moment was absolutely priceless so I decided to play further with her. As I told her again about the biting, little fish, I went around pinching her and Anna's feet just like the fish would. She saw me smile and Anna knew I was kidding, but Sveta had to still inquire further to make sure I was just playing with her.

"No, you just kidding." she retorted, smiling as she encouraged me to tell her more about the things that bite in the pond. I continued to make things up as Annalyn joined in.

"And don't forget the octopuses Sveta, that come and suck your face like this." I said as I pretended to be an octopus by placing my spread out hands over their faces and making slurping noises. The girls busted up laughing. I think I enjoyed myself as much as they did!

Tonight as I rallied up the younger boys to brush their teeth I had one more good laugh as Jonny came running into the bathroom screaming, "No poothpase, no poothpase!!!!!!!!"

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