Friday, May 4, 2007

Dolly is a Mama

Four days ago my three daughter's brought a kitten home from school.

"Mom, mom. Look how cute she is." Julia told me this as she brought the kitty out from inside her coat pocket.

"Isn't it soooo cute, Mama?" Anna chimed in.

"Mama, It wants a drink of milk. Can we give it some milk?"

"A man was just giving these kittens out and no one wanted this little grey kitty. I promise. Come on Mom can't we keep it. Please?"

"Mom, please talk to Daddy. We can't just let it go or it will die. I promise. It will die."

"I promise Mom, no one else wanted it. Promise. So can we keep it?"

Boy, do my daughter's know how to get me to say yes. I promise. My husband on the other hand ------well I couldn't answer for him.

First of all you need to realize that I absolutely love animals but my husband isn't really an animal person --------he is highly allergic -------and doesn't like poop in the yard. After many years he finally agreed to take Dolly our dog. One reason being because our daughter Sveta really, really wanted one and we have read how wonderful children with FAS respond to having a pet. A second reason being that Dolly was my late Baboonya's (grandmother's) dog who my grandfather wanted to keep in the family so asked us to take. Thirdly, he promised the children that we could get a dog if it was small, free and nice. Dolly is all three.

So the girls brought this kitty home who I had no problem keeping, but wondered what Daddy would say. I told them that they needed to call him.

"Can't you call him?"

"No. You brought the kitty home, you need to call Dad."

Surprisingly John said yes. I am a very blessed woman, and my children have an awesome Dad.

I was a little concerned about how Dolly would react to this new Kitty, so I got the bright idea of introducing the kitty as Dolly's new baby. It could work.

The kids were skeptical that a dog could take in a kitten, but if it was possible I knew Dolly would be the dog to do it.

I introduced them while holding both of them and I just kept giving Dolly lots of praise each time she would try and smell the kitty. At least she wasn't trying to hurt the baby kitty.

After a while I tucked the kitty into Dolly's bed and told Dolly to go lay down too. I kept doing this every time I saw Dolly get up and I would continue to give her praise and talk sweet to her like I know she likes. After a couple of hours we began to see Dolly licking the kitty and nudging it (I don't mean to refer to the kitty as it, but I still can't tell if it is a boy or a girl) with her nose to keep it in check. Soon the kitty was following Dolly around and the rest is history.

Dolly has a new baby, and she is quite the Mama. She sits close by and watches while her baby eats and only then finishes up what is on the plate. Dolly's ears perk up and she is runs up to the kitty if she hears it so much as meow. Dolly plays with the kitty and tolerates the kitty's playful scratching and biting even when I am sure she has had enough. And the very best part, the kitty rarely cries and sleeps through the night with Dolly laying right next to her. Dolly will even stand over the kitty with her legs apart whenever the kitty tries to nurse.

It really is amazing to see.

What is really special about all of this, is that my girls have a better understanding of adoption and the limitless ability to love God gives us. The kitty didn't come from Dolly's tummy and isn't even the same kind of animal, yet her love for her new baby is very apparent. To her, it doesn't make any difference that she is a dog and the new baby is a cat.

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