Friday, May 11, 2007



I started my morning off with good ol' sweetened condensed milk drizzled over a buttered waffle. Yumm - O as Rachel Ray would put it. One of my all-time decadent treats since my little Anna turned me on to it many months ago. So simple, yet oh so delicious. They love to describe the near and dear things they remember eating in the Detski Dom. Condensed milk spread on bread and poured on top of kasha is just one of the many things they enjoyed eating and I love that I am able to provide a comfort food for them by merely opening a can.

E Bay

Adam has discovered E-Bay. He just made his first, very own purchase even after I tried to dissuade him. He rationalized his $50 shoe purchase as something he needed rather than admitting that he wanted them because of the brand.
That's ok. At least he heard me out, asked permission, told me I had actually made him rethink his decision, and went ahead and bought them anyways. Hey, it's his money and one less pair of shoes I have to buy.

Amtrack fieldtrip

Sveta is going on a field trip today. She is probably boarding the Amtrack train as we speak. She was so excited this morning --- I'm sure she is going to have a blast! I even packed her hot Cheetos! Since this is her second time going on this fieldtrip (she is repeating 2nd grade) and I already went with her last year, I decided to give her some freedom and stay home. Afterall, she is getting to be a big girl as she told me, "Mama you don't have to go with me on train because I am already big. I can go by myself. I will stay with Mr Bartell." Besides, I have two field trips I am going on next week.

Fat lip

Jonny split his lip last night and got a bloody nose. Poor guy. Even after telling him a million times, he went ahead and ran on the wet cement patio ------need I say more. Of course, I didn't have the heart to punish him for not listening ---- sometimes the natural consequence of one's actions is enough.

AA reunion

Tomorrow our family is going to an Adoption Ark reunion in the park. I am so excited. I'm glad AA is doing this because I think it is very important for adoptive families to get together so that they can support each other. I have found that other adoptive families are the only ones that really know what you are experiencing and so getting together to visit and share stories provides an outlet where you can share your joys and struggles of parenting. I have found myself (a couple of times) walking across the street to vent my current parenting woes to my good friend and neighbor who has also adopted only to find her walking towards my house --thus meeting half way.

Mother-daughter retreat

Next week, I am taking my four girls on a mother-daughter retreat. Again, I am so excited that I can hardly wait! I invited two of my friends who have also adopted daughters similar in age. Plus another dear friend who knows all of us and has a six year old daughter too. So a total of 12 of us will be piling into my big van to go up to the mountains for the weekend.
I jumped in the pool yesterday, and it wasn't even that cold!

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