Thursday, May 24, 2007

Andrew and Anna

I just got back from speech with Andrew. His last day is next week. At his annual IEP meeting the school suggested cutting his services back to once a week instead of two. Granted, he is doing well, but I expressed my concern about him regressing over the summer. As a compromise, we agreed to have him in speech twice a week for the first quarter so that he can transition down to once a week and make up for any lost time over the summer. I am so glad they agreed to this.

John and I have decided to have Anna repeat the 2nd grade next year. She is making great progress but she is still struggling because of her understanding of the English language. This is also the best time for her to improve her classroom behavior skills before she jumps into a classroom with 32 kids. Right now she is in a class with only 20 students and is able to get more one on one attention which has been very good for her. One more year of this small classroom atmosphere is going to benefit her greatly. Sure, we teetered back and forth with our decision but once we talked with Anna's teacher and the principal we knew it would be in her best interests. They are supportive of our decision and most importantly, Anna is in agreement and understands how beneficial this choice will be for her. She is excited at the idea of being near the top in her class (which I believe she will be) instead of struggling near the bottom. I am so proud of her optimistic outlook!

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