Friday, March 30, 2007

Baseball - A first for the Reed Family

This year we signed our two oldest sons, Adam and Caleb up for baseball. This is a first for us. We had considered it last year, but none of us were ready to make the commitment. They are on the Reds and play their first official game tomorrow. GO REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is has been really good for the boys in more ways than one.

Ever since we adopted, I had had the attitude that we don't have time for sports. I felt like I wasn't getting enough quality time with my boys as it is, let alone having to compete with baseball. I guess you can say most of the hesitation was coming from me. So as a result, I hadn't let them try out for baseball. But after talking with another adoptive Mom, I realized that I was not being fair. After much prayer and consideration, I let them try out. And they made it!

Sure, baseball does take a lot of time what with practice every day but you know what? I am getting to spend more quality time with them in spite of the long practices. When I take them out shopping for gear, we make the most of it by going out to dinner too. Just the three of us. Also, every night after the rest of the kids are asleep we get to talk about practice and what happened at school as we eat bowls of ice-cream and watch Full House reruns.

God is good.