Thursday, January 11, 2007

Laundry, a broom, and a mop

Today was a good morning, meaning beds fixed, hair happily done, and most importantly no arguing. Homework after school has also improved drastically since the kids returned to school after their three week Christmas vacation.

A couple of weeks ago, probably around the beginning of December, my wonderful husband was putting Christmas lights up on the house. Being that he is such a fun Dad, he of course let some of the kids help him. Well, while they were up there, one of them accidentally stepped on the drain that catches the rain run off and cracked it (although we didn't no that at the time.)
Anyways, fast forward to the first heavy rain after that incident and Julia finds our hallway flooded with puddles of water. First thing, I assume it is from the washing machine and think, "Great, a full load of laundry in the wash and the washer breaks." But as soon as I looked up, I realized that that would have been my preference. Instead water was dripping through our light fixture and door molding and down our wall. Agghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Now after three weeks, the drain and roof is repaired and the ceiling is ready to be repainted. Why do I mention all of this? Because I have been lugging all of the laundry upstairs (smart husband insisted on 2 laundry rooms when we remodeled) and spending twice the time making do using one washer and dryer. This, all because the downstairs washer and dryer also finally stops working during this time too, leaving me with a useless laundry room.

Well not all's lost, since I've had the joy of watching my two youngest boys play while I fold all the laundry upstairs. Today they were playing cowboys (ever since their Grandma bought Jonny a red hat at Dollar Tree) and Jonny was straddling Andrew's back like he was a horse, both of them preparing to slide down the stairs. Quickly thinking, mainly to avoid them injury, I pulled out a mop and a broom showing them what great horses they were. It was so cute to see them riding all over the house on a broom and a mop.

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