Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Swimmer's Ear and Poison Oak

When I was cooking dinner tonight, a fly kept buzzing around in the kitchen. Some of the kids were just hanging around while others were helping to set the table. One of the "do nothings" was my oldest son Adam so I asked him to get out our electric fly-swatter (my 29th birthday present from the kids) and kill the darn fly. He sarcastically replied, "I can't Mom. My swimmers ear is affecting my vision."
On another note, most of my family is getting over a bad case of poison oak that we got while we were on vacation. My husband got it the worst and finally had to have two shots (one in each cheek) yesterday. It is finally getting better for him, a full three weeks later. Too bad it just now surfaced for Anna. She has huge, water filled blisters on both of her hands. She is in so much pain, she asked me to pop them just to relieve the pressure.
Here is the order of people in which the rash has developed.
1. John - Dad / June 25 The very next day exposed.
2. Sveta / One week later
3. Caleb / 1 1/2 weeks later
4. Andrew and Jonny / July 7
5. William / July 8
6. Julia / July 11
7. Anna / July 12
Adam wanted to make sure I mentioned that as of today he and I are SYMPTOM free! I hope we stay that way.

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