Thursday, June 1, 2006

Did I Say I like Akroska?

Well as you can see I am not very consistent. My journaling comes only when I have a free moment. There are so many things to share but they often come after the thought and with much less enthusiasm. So here I am about to journal our Russian dinner three days later.
Let me begin with the Borscht. It really did turn out great and I had enough to share with our other neighbors too. During dinner Julia made the comment, "Mom, I actually like it." John quickly responded, "Julia, that wasn't very nice. Of course you would like it and actually implies that you are surprised that you do. You know Mom always makes good food so don't act like you are surprised that the borscht is good too." She smiled and quickly apologized and continued to eat the whole bowl.
Anna and Sveta ate two bowlfuls with broken up pieces of bread in it and the rest of the kids ate it without much fuss but when it came to the akroska whoa!- was that a different story. As I dished up a teeny-tiny spoonful (of the pukey looking soup as my older son described it) onto every one's plate I got comments like "We actually have to eat this?" and, "Your ruining my life." Since John likes to be the "good" example he asked that I serve him up a whole bowl. He also was the first one to try it. I could tell that he didn't like it, but bless his heart - he sure acted like he did. So I went on to try it too and I'm sure I liked it even less than he did but kept my comments to myself until everyone had tried it. Hoping it might get some rave reviews from at least Anna or Sveta, I had to keep myself from laughing as I watched their reactions.