Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It Smells like Russia

Today I made Borscht. Four gallons of it to be exact. I thought it would be nice to freeze a couple of batches to give to our neighbors as a welcome home gift when they bring home their children from Kazakstan next week. To make the soup base I even boiled eight pounds of beef ribs and three pounds of chuck roast. It smells so good! When the girls got home from school, Anna and Sveta were very excited to see that I was making it. Anna asked if I would let her have some "Myasa" so I stuffed the tender beef in her mouth as she asked for more and more.
I also made "Akroska" which is cold cucumber soup. Since my neighbors like this soup so much I thought it would be nice to make them some as a way to thank them for all of the candy they brought back from Kaz. Personally, this soup is not my favorite, but it sure was fun making with Sveta. She grated all four cucumbers by herself and boy was she proud of herself! Plus, it might get them to bring more of the Kaz candy that Anna, Sveta, and I enjoyed so much. It was absolutely delicious with a nice cup of chi.
So for dinner tonight we are having tender beef, Borscht, Akroska, hard boiled eggs, and fresh, crusty bread. If I could, I would invite whoever would appreciate the tastes of Russia. Boy, does it bring back memories, except I left out the bologna in the Borscht.

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