Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Building a tent

Isn't it neat how kids can be entertained by the smallest things? My motto is "Give them a box and they will play." No need to constantly entertain them with expensive toys.
Sveta still has evidence of Hand-Foot-Mouth and so I am keeping her home again (long story about school nurse that I won't get into today) with Andrew and Jonny. She is enjoying being the oldest at home and I think these three days have been very good for the three of them not to mention her and my relationship.
Today, they are building tents with all of the blankets in the house. They have been playing for over an hour and it is allowing me to catch up on some of my journaling. I sneak a peak at them every once in a while and I smile as I see their wonderful imaginations at play. They have camped out in the starry night, played house, laughed at nothing and pretended the outside is hot and unsafe. How fun, for them!
What imaginative things do your children do? What types of family outings do you plan to do over the summer?

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  1. I´m reading your older posts - I started with the first one and now I´m here :) ...I spent this summer looking for four kids and our best game was to make a tent (we used umbrellas, old garden furniture etc. )and most of the time the tent didn´t last very long but they enjoyed it and wanted to build a new one, again and again :D


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