Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Are Naps Worth It?

As I sit here and type, every once in a while I hear this squeaking noise upstairs. It's Andrew and Jonny opening and closing the door ever so quietly, thinking I don't hear them. I have been up there twice to tuck them back in but eventually they make it back to the top of the stairs where I know they are sitting right now watching me as I type this. Normally, my husband and I run a tight ship evident by all of our children under nine already asleep since 8:15 pm. but it is hard to get mad at Andrew and Jonny when I know they took a 2 hour nap today.
Hold on, as I quickly march up the stairs and chase the boys back to their beds as I pretend to swat their little bottoms but actually clap my hands together for the sound, "Hurry up, hurry up, chop, chop, chop!"
Five minutes later, I am back again and still wondering what would be better. I think they still need naps, they are tired and cranky by 4 pm. if they haven't had a nap, they are cranky if I wake them up after only one hour of napping, and if I let them nap all they want then they don't go to sleep when it is bedtime. So my latest idea has been to take them swimming over at Grandma and Grandpa's house before bed to try and tire them out. Well so far the only one it is tiring out is me! Geesh! And I thought by the eighth child I would have it all figured out.
Speaking of swimming, Sveta learned to swim two days ago. Did you hear that? Sveta is swimming. Our dear little Sveta will let Daddy throw her in the pool without a noodle and then she will swim to the steps. It is really amazing for her and she is so proud of herself. Kind of like when she learned to ride a bike just a couple of months ago. It is so awesome to be a part of her life as she is making these huge steps in her life. Well actually, I am just a fan in the cheering section as I watch my wonderful husband teach her these things. He is also teaching her piano which she seems to really enjoy once she has learned a new song. Seeing her excitement each time she learns something new is such a rewarding experience. It just warms my heart to see her so proud of herself!
When it was Sveta who learned to swim first and not Anna, that made Anna decide later that night that she would just do it too, the very next chance she got! Well today we went swimming again and guess what. Anna let Daddy give her a quick refresher lesson and now she is a swimmer too! Yaaaaaaaaaa!
Tonight as I tucked in the girls, I let them know that I think they learned to swim faster than any of their siblings ever did including Julia. It made them feel really good to know that since Julia had been swimming since she was 4 1/2 years old. "By how fast you learned to swim, I bet you would have been swimming by that age too if you could," I whispered in Anna's ear as I gave them each a kiss. After all, swimming in less than two weeks after only being exposed to a swimming pool for the first time is really impressive in my book.
Adam and Caleb just kissed me goodnight so I guess I'm off to bed too. No more squeaking coming from upstairs, just like I said they are too now fast asleep.

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