Friday, December 9, 2005

William's birthday

Today is William's birthday. He is six year's old. My husband started the tradition of taking each of the kids out for breakfast at McDonald's on their birthday. It is a special time that he gets to spend with each of them and they look forward to it very much. With Anna and Sveta just learning of this tradition, they asked me continually during breakfast when their birthday was. I promised that yes they would get their special day with Papa too!
For William's snack time, I surprised his class with cupcakes. I didn't pass up the opportunity for some great pictures while his class sang Happy Birthday to him. You should have seen the big smile he had on his face.... as I don't think I have ever seen him hold his shoulders higher than at that moment. I'm sure he feels like such a big boy now that he is six! We stuck around for recess and Andrew and Jonny blended right in with the rest of the class. They were playing on the jungle gym and slide as if they had been going to kindergarten all along. Sorry boys, you'll have to wait a couple of years.
Anyways, Christmas is coming and I have so much to be thankful for. Our house is moving right along and it looks like we will be able to finally move in around the New Year! What an awesome Christmas present. I could not ask for a better gift at this time! Our children are happy and healthy for the most part (except for Caleb's asthma) and we will be spending Christmas with all the grandparents. This will be our first Christmas with Anna and Sveta and I am looking forward to it very much. It is so awesome how Anna already knows that Christmas is in celebration of Jesus' birthday. Amen!
I am looking forward to tonight because we are all going to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza for William's party. The kids have so much fun and love getting tickets! When the girls asked what it is, the only thing I could think to describe it was to call it "malinkey Disneyland". Oh well, they will see for themselves and then decide whether or not their mom is a big exaggerator!