Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oliver's Tooth

A few days ago Oliver lost his first tooth.  I noticed it was loose and he kept pointing to it indicating that he wanted me to take it out, so I did.

Afterward, he was so happy!  
What a big boy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nolan's Pharyngeal Flap Surgery

For the past week I have bathed Nolan using Dial soap from head to toe.   Then afterwards, I've had to coat the inside of his nostrils with bacitracin using a q-tip.  Last night and early this morning he washed with Hibiclens-- all in preparation for his big surgery today.
We arrived at Shriner's in Shreveport around 8:00am.
Once we were settled, ChildLife brought in a nice gift for Nolan.  We were both very surprised... in a good way.  It sure helped to pass the next four hours.
An hour later, Nolan got ballons and a soft, stuffed bear from his teachers and classmates at school.  It sure made him smile!
Shriner's has been wonderful so far.  The nurses and doctors have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome.  The only thing I have noticed is how much detail they use to explain what is going on.  I know that this is meant to help the child to know what to expect in hopes that they are less frightened, but, it has had the opposite affect on Nolan.  This time around, he seemed more apprehensive going into the surgery-- I think because of how much he was told.
After wiping away a few tears and praying with my little boy, he was ready to go.
Just a few minutes ago, the doctor came in to tell me that the surgery went well.  Nolan is heading to recovery and I should be able to see him in about half an hour.

Praise the Lord!
Update:  Nolan is doing well!  In fact he is fast asleep.  When I first saw him, he was crying.  It took some time to calm him down, but after we prayed, and I gently rubbed his side, he fell back asleep.  Poor little guy has a tongue suture with a string that is tied to his cheek to keep his tongue from going back and either blocking his airway or damaging the roof of his mouth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nolan's Birthday at the Beach!

Our family just got back from a weekend at the beach.  We drove down to Surfside Beach south of Galveston this past Friday.  We stopped for lunch at McDonalds.   After hitting some traffic in Houston we finally made it to the beach house around 4 o'clock.  

After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Nolan and then Oliver blew out the candles.  I tried to get Oliver to stop but Nolan told me that he let Oliver blow them out because he knows how much Oliver enjoys doing it.

After the candles were out, Nolan gave Oliver a hug to thank him.  It was very sweet.
Happy birthday to our big, sweet boy!  I can't believe he is nine years old.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Jonny!

I remember giving birth to my little Jonny fourteen years ago in our master bedroom.  John caught him under water and brought him up for his first breath. He was so tiny, yet my biggest baby at 8 1/2 pounds. It seems like it was yesterday.  
And yet now he is taller than me!
Happy birthday Jonathan!
Hope your day was awesome like you are!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Something to Think About

I came across this blog post the other day.  I found myself agreeing with what the author wrote.  How could I not-- she loves Little House on the Prairie as much as I do!  Anyway, I wanted to share it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dennis is Home Schooling Again

Dennis was excited to start school this year, he really was.  He planned on playing the violin and getting straight A's!  

But things change.  And kids are cruel.  And sometimes kids and parents realize that public school is not the best option after all.

About two weeks into school Dennis started asking to be homeschooled.  John and I thoroughly discussed the pros and cons and decided that this would be in Dennis' best interest.

The thing is, I would not have the help of a charter school this time.   It was a bit overwhelming and it took me a week or two to research and feel confident that I can do this for Dennis.

We began homeschooling on his birthday.  He is doing really well.  He is learning to cook more and how to care for our animals.  We are using Saxon math and it seems like a great fit, even better than the Teaching Textbooks we previously used.

We are really enjoying history and geography together.  
This is going to be a great year!
Now you are probably wondering why I am not homeschooling all of my children.  Well, first of all, John and I like to treat each child individually.   Some children handle public school really well.  They thrive off of social settings and are more receptive to learning from a "strange" teacher rather than me their Mom.  Others are very sensitive, become overwhelmed in a public school setting, and learn at a faster or slower pace than their classmates.  I also look at my ability and whether or not I can homeschool that child.   Do I have the patience?  Do I have the brains?  I know I could not teach Algebra let alone Algebra 2 or Calculus unless it was remedial.   Thankfully John is a math genius, and tutors our older kids, but still, you get the picture.

Anastasia is also homeschooled.  She is a senior and her curriculum focuses mainly on where she needs the most help-- math and english with less emphasis on the other subjects.  We focus on a lot of life skills too-- and she works at a day care center.

This schedule is a great one for Anstasia and she is really thriving!  

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Swinging High

Adam was wonderful having around last month for nearly three weeks.  It was such a joy to watch my children spending time together, much of it at this swing.

I enjoyed having a turn being pushed.
For a moment I felt like a kid again.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Dennis

Happy birthday son!  We can't believe you are already eleven years old.
It is a blessing to be a part of your life.  
Watching you grow up is like opening a small gift everyday.
It's fun to watch you ride your new bike, hope you enjoyed your special day!