Monday, December 4, 2017

A Post for Adam

Parmesan Cheese with Spaghetti-- it's what's for lunch!
Hamburger Soup-- it's what's for dinner.
We have many puzzle fanatics in our family.  Even Natalie will hang out with us while we puzzle.
Like I've said before, Nolan and Oliver are best buddies.  They do everything together-- play darts, chase the cats, watch movies, take baths, draw on the walls...
Natalie is a sweetheart.  These past few months she has changed so much.  She seems so much more content.  She is more affectionate.  She understands our routine.  Though she is non-verbal, she is learning to communicate.  
She is able to let us know if she wants to eat, go outside, or just sit in our lap.
Though I have not figured out how to potty train her, she mostly goes in the toilet because we consistently take her to the bathroom throughout the day.  Trying to get her to associate using sign language when we take her to the potty has not clicked with her yet, but maybe in another year or so.
We helped Julia and Thomas move into their new home a few weeks ago.
I think all three of them were texting each other. Too funny.
Thomas and John taking a break after moving the rest of the furniture.
Oliver says this is how we should wear flip flops.
A few of us girls went shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving.  We got a few things off the clearance racks at Kohls.
It's playtime outside.

When Annalyn and JJ (John) went out of town, they asked us to bunnysit.  Ha ha-- bunny-sit.
Natalie loves to be outside.
This picture is so sweet.  Love my boys!
It was time for Natalie's heart echocardiogram.  Back in California I could not get anyone to do a sedated echo on Natalie though she screamed, squirmed, arched her back, and pulled everything away that touched her.  Back in California we never did get a "good" echo of her heart and frankly, I was tired of putting her and me through the stress.  So, I decided to "push" for a sedated echo here- - and guess what?  It wasn't a problem.  The staff at ETMC in Tyler was amazing-- they treated Miss Nattles like a princess.  They listened to what I had to say as her Mom, and we agreed to try Versed and Ketamine which would avoid her needing to have an IV and intubation unless necessary.  The two meds worked perfectly, I was able to stay next to her holding her hand the whole time,  and the technician was able to get all the info he needed through the ultrasound.  
Now we just wait for the results.

We bought Lexi a new bed.  She still doesn't sleep on it, but she makes sure and chases the cats away when they try to lay on her bed.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Life in Texas

As soon as our kittens were old enough we had all them vaccinated and our females spayed.  One of the vet technicians wanted to adopt one of our female calicos, so now we have six cats.
Dennis is enjoying home school.  He looks forward to doing a weekly science project.  

Dennis also enjoys cooking and often helps me in the kitchen when he is done with his school work. He and Sveta help me to get dinner made in no time!
Anastasia is happy to be home after work.  She often helps with the meal prep too.
Annalyn and Julia enjoy hanging out together.  Here they are balancing on the teeter-totter.
Sveta and I have an arrangement-- I straighten her hair and she gives me a pedicure.  Here she is showing off her freshly straightened hair and our beautiful kitties!
Poor Nolan was on a liquid diet after his surgery for two weeks.  He hated it.  I never saw a boy cry so many tears at dinner time as he did.  "But I want chicken and salad Mom."  This boy loves to eat!
The kids enjoy using the filters on our phones.  Oliver sure look like a tank!

Andrew playing a game with his little brothers.
Nolan and Oliver are best buds.

This time of year is when everyone goes to the dentist.  Oliver was great while he had his teeth cleaned.
He liked watching Sveta get her teeth cleaned as well.
John got another pair of peacocks-- adult peacocks.  Isn't the male beautiful?
We bought eight chicks.  They are all doing great and growing so fast.
This little chick is a miracle.  Even though I helped pick out the chicks, this one must have gotten hurt when it was grabbed and put into the box for transport home.  When we first let them out it was obvious that this little one was in distress.  It was needing to take deep breaths, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, her legs looked paralyzed, and the other chicks were pecking at her.  It broke our hearts.  We tried to separate her from the other chicks but it was obvious she wanted to be with the other chicks.  After two days of watching her struggle John and I both prayed separately that either God take her or heal her.  The next morning I went out to the coop to check on the chicks and they were all doing great!  This chick was drinking, eating, walking, and hanging out with the other chicks.   Had we not seen how she was the day before we would not know that she had been struggling at all.
Fast forward 1 1/2 months and all eight of them are still alive and doing great!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Our Trip to Surfside

Back in October John and I took the family to the beach for a few days. We were excited to visit our first Texas beach.  We met up with our good friends the Lindeques in Surfside near Freeport. 

On the drive down we stopped at McDonalds for a quick bite to eat.
As soon as we got to the beach house the kids were in the water.

We celebrated Nolan's birthday.
The kids played spike ball.
They enjoyed the view.
We played with the crabs.

Alex loved all the Daddy rides.
We had tons of fun jumping the waves.

Hubby and I relaxing after the little kids went to bed.
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The kids loved hanging out after a full day of swimming.
Everyone had a great time!
Looking forward to next year!