Friday, March 24, 2017

East Texas Oil Museum

William, Sveta, and I went to the oil museum yesterday.  It was very interesting and the displays exceeded my expectations.   The displays included so much detail into the ways of life some eighty years ago.  It was very cool learning about the oil boom in East Texas in the 30's.
William had so many questions.... He thinks we definitely live "better" now.  We have such a variety of foods and our tools are so much more modern now, not to mention lighter in weight.
However, it would be cool to drive one of those antique cars.  

In one of the buildings is an elevator ride.  It gives the illusion that it is descending deep into the earth down to where the oil is.  
The town exhibit was very realistic.
Even the horses looked real.

Now onto the next museum!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Wanna Go Back

I love my children's childlike faith.  It is such a beautiful thing when one of them comes up and shares something about how God is working in their life.  Maybe not those exact words, but it is obvious that they credit God for the blessings.   And they just trust, simple as that.   Often times I get caught up in my adult world and fail to have the childlike faith that they have.  I wanna go back.

Cute Baby Animals

For Spring Break I took some of my boys back to visit with our friends the Lindeques. We had a blast! Alex and Nolan got to feed baby goats. The way the babies gulped down their bottles was so cute.  The white milk dribbling down their black, furry chin as they pumped their heads back and forth with each gulp was really exciting to watch.  To bad they were done inn like a minute.  Oh how I dream of getting more animals for our family but I know there is a lot of work involved in caring for them.  Feeding the cats, dogs, and chickens keep us pretty busy already.  It's great that my kids got to spend time with other people's animals-- maybe we can just keep doing that. (Wink wink)
We also got to hold baby Chihuahuas.  They were so adorable.  Even their puppy breath was cute.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wedding Preparations


Wedding preparations are in full gear. 

Times two. 

Wedding dresses bought. 

Bridal accessories bought. 

Venue reserved

Guest List Made. 

Mother of Bride dress bought. 

Hairstyles being discussed.

Wedding Invitations almost finalized.

Bridesmaid dresses 

Flower girls dress 


Song List 


Bridal Shower

Wedding Reception Favors 


First Dance

Thank yous



Overnight Accommodations for guests


The list can go on and on-- there is just so much to do. But it is all good. We are blessed. And we are learning so much along the way. 

However, I would love input on a few questions I have.

1. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, who normally steps in to shuffle the reception from one activity to the next?

2. Did you have assigned seating? Why? How did that go?

3. How long is a typical wedding reception? How did you wrap it up?

4. Did you have games/ things to do at the wedding for the kids?

5. Did you have leftover/extra food (meaning did everyone eat their serving)? How much extra did you plan for just in case?

6. Let me know if I am obviously missing something.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Love Broke Thru

This song really speaks to me.   Through Christ all things are possible.  This week I have seen change that I know is only because of Christ.

Great Times with Great Friends

It was back in 2008 that we met our good friends the Lindeques.   From the moment we met, there was a connection.   About six years ago they moved from California to Texas and we hadn't seen them that whole time.  We've kept in touch by phone,  but finally we got together last week.
Last Saturday morning we got up early to drive to Dallas to pick John up at the airport and to meet my Mom at Hard Eight Barbecue for Alex's birthday before driving on down to their house.
While we packed up the caravan, the kids played outside.

And one of our cats got stuck in a tree.
The drive was 4 1/2 hours split up by our stop in Dallas.
The drive was really nice and gave us the chance to explore a completely new area of Texas.

Once we got to the Lindeques, the fun began.  It never stopped, just ask the kids. :)
Their kids are 4, 10, 13, and almost 15.  And all of our kids get along great.
Our kids showed their kids how to play Spikeball.
Annalyn and JJ

The Lindeques have lots of animals-- my kids loved looking at them all!  Poor Nolan got kicked by a horse, but thankfully it was a gentle kick.  Still it scared us all.
Meal times were especially lively.  I guess playing hard makes you hungry!

Our friends have a calf ranch that has a big lake on it.  So Tina and I stayed back at the house to prepare dinner and catch up on old times while everyone else went fishing.
Dennis caught a huge fish!
Here is a video that John took.  John had been fishing and felt a tug so he quickly handed the pole to Dennis.  I am pretty sure it was John that was way more excited!  I sure love my husband and what a great Dad he is.

I think this game might be called "Pile-Up."

Tina made a little marshmallow cake for Alex.

We had fun riding a zipline.  I even I got on it.  

My kids were thrilled to ride in the back of the truck.  Such simple pleasures... awesome memories.
Tina and I
William is staying with the Lindeques until we go back in a few days to visit them again.  He is learning what it is like to work on a farm with calves.  It is a wonderful experience that he is enjoying so much!

This visit with our friends was short and sweet but it was just what we all needed.  I didn't realize how much I missed my friend Tina.  Being with friends, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and just having the ability to step away from my day to day routine even if just for two days was such a blessing.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There's a Better Place

Life can be hard.  It is a journey of ups and downs.  Sometimes to the extreme pits of the earth where you feel that you can't get out to the very tops of a cliff where you feel like a bird a bird waiting to soar.  I have been in both places and in both cases it feels as if no on really knows, except me.
However that is not the case.  God has always been with me, and even now His presence brings comfort.  He is my strength.  He is my hope.   He reminds me that this time on earth is not my forever home.  It is not yours either.
Don't lose faith.  I felt the Lord prompting me to share this today.
♫ ♫ 
This world is not what it was meant to be
All this pain, all this suffering
There's a better place
Waiting for me
In Heaven

Every tear will be wiped away
Every sorrow and sin erased
We'll dance on seas of amazing grace
In Heaven
In Heaven

I'm goin' home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong

Lay down my burdens, I lay down my past
I run to Jesus, no turning back
Thank God Almighty, I'll be free at last
In Heaven
In Heaven

I'm goin' home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong

Blinded eyes
Will finally see
The dead will rise
On the shores of eternity
The trump will sound
The angels will sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I am
Goin' home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong
Where I belong

I'm goin' home
I'm goin' home
I'm on my way home
I'm goin' home


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex turned 12 this weekend!  What a big boy!  To celebrate we all went to Hard Eight Barbecue.
My Mom met us there too.
It was so yummy!

 Alex is growing up so fast.  Just the other day he was a little boy that I could easily carry up and down the stairs.  He could fit in my lap all nice and cozy.   Now he is so big and strong.  He continues to learn to be more independent as he grows.  His smile is infectious and his sense of humor is awesome!  Happy birthday to our son!
 There was a car show going on in the parking lot.  Andrew enjoyed checking out the Camaros.